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FROM MY CORNER : What is Needed

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I have written before that only three things are needed right now: housing for every single person, food for every single person, and expert medical care for every single person. And financial support for any industry needed to further these goals.

Mr. Trump has created law to prevent millions of evictions. Excellent. Now what is needed is to protect the owners of real estate and real estate loans, so they are not financially destroyed. How can that happen? By managing the continued Timing of  the payment of outstanding bills.

Everyone, from the bootblack in the street to the chief executive of the largest corporation, needs to grasp the concept that Time is not an independently concrete  thing. Time is a conceptual creation of the human mind.

Time is totally and only the documentation of events occurring between and among humans, measured against the physical turning of the earth 24 hours a day. We humans created this idea of Time. Of days and hours.

We can, therefore, temporarily alter the concept of Time whenever it will benefit us. No debt that real estate people now have must absolutely be paid right now. It would be quite simple, by law, to put most all debts now due on abeyance until we have gotten all people housed, fed, and medically monitored.

Thereafter, we could return to the payment of the outstanding invoices without having evicted people or bankrupted real estate holders. No new printed money would need to be created by government to exercise this Time management option.

Consider: Our economy is essentially worthless to us if it cannot house, feed, and provide medical aid right now to all of us. To argue against the fundamental need of people right now for housing, food, and medical, is to be lost in illogical thinking.

Capitalism (or socialism, for that matter) depends on the concept of Time to permit us to manipulate the flow of currencies that establish the economic position of each of us. We are capable of altering that Time function while we master the virus.

‘No harm whatsoever will come to anyone if bills not supporting housing, food, and medical care are put off to a future date. Tenants will literally survive. Landlords and mortgage holders will all survive.

The main obstacle to our doing this is likely the lack of creative imagination by financial and political leaders. Neither of these two is famous for exceptional intellectual prowess – except in profiting themselves.

People now in charge of business and politics at the very highest level are failing to exercise serious intellectual capacity. They are thinking neither deeply nor rationally. Rather, they – due to a system of financial competition they have created and allowed to become economic dogma – are utterly missing the solution to our present situation.

If all unnecessary bills’ payments were positioned farther forward in Time, we would acquire for ourselves the Time/Space needed to calmly and methodically manage our current virus and job loss problem.

We do not need millions of Americans cast homeless coast to coast; the potential to expand the virus deaths would massively increase. After the virus comes under control, all giant corporations holding trillions of dollars of accumulated profits could design a reduction of present employees’ hours.

Those freed-up hours of work could be shared, via training, with presently unemployed. This strategy would vastly reduce unemployment. The resulting new incomes would then increase the consumption of goods and services and help stabilize the economy.

How might we convey such an idea to the powers that be and persuade them that no one loses anything simply waiting for their cash flow to begin again? How could we get a mind like Mr. Trump’s to grasp such an idea? Or Mr. Biden’s?

Who, where possesses the resilient mental capacity to grasp the concept of moving Time out forward in space, plus the influence over Trump and Biden, to persuade them to consider such a solution?

 Does anyone out there have the answer?

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