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FROM MY CORNER: Why No Adult Presidenrtial Campaigning?

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The over-all content of both the American Democrat and Republican campaigns is supremely immature. Neither candidate nor any of his supporting speakers is articulating the most vital issues facing the nation and the world today.

There is no over-all comprehensive picture being drawn by either party of the strategies they propose to bring our country and the entire international political scene to some kind of moderating position.

Almost all of the parties’ intellectual energy is focused upon the dog and cat attacks by each on the other, wielding basic name-calling and advanced taunting techniques. It is utterly childish from both sides of the political aisle.

The nation’s media remain active partners in this embarrassingly immature behavior. They seem to revel in the personal political attacks as much as do the protagonists themselves.

Meanwhile, the Chinese fire rocket tests as the American Navy and its aircraft operate provocative missions near China. Various nations alleging ownership of tiny disputed islands fervently shake their militant swords.

While millions of war refugees languish in tent camps and tens of thousands of Americans, including veterans, remain homeless, key political and financial players safeguard their collaboratively profitable defense conglomerates.

Recently, rich business and church leaders pocketed millions of Federal dollars specifically designated for minority and other small businesses. All are commonly staunch enemies of socialism for people while avid supporters of it for corporations.

While numerous natural events occur, signaling largely-ignored global climate change, the U.S. has stopped participating in coordinated international political efforts to deal with the disturbing consequences increasingly beginning to emerge.

Simultaneously, America is still 100,000 short of needed medical doctors and many nurses, and the Corona Virus outcome remains unpredictable. Our government and our for-profit medical industry are hard pressed to actually solve the economy-blocking biological issue.

The entire U.S. and world population, considered objectively as the fragile species it obviously is, still appears overly cornered in a mental back alley by the global political and business collusion of intellectually undeveloped minds.

The political actors of the world have so long cooperated with the shallowest business thinkers of the planet, focused on myopic profit, that the few of their voices calling out for rational action are drowned under the words of the illiterate.

No truly functioning international body exists to bring together the various different political interests of countries into a rational world perspective to safeguard the planet’s human race. Ideological division and financial oligarchies rule the roost.

If one attempts to propose to political and business leaders that any such collaborative effort be organized and seriously supported, one is most likely to be laughed at, or ignored. Meanwhile, all of this unthinking behavior continues to be considered entirely normal.

One would think that somewhere there must be a master log in this logjam of idiocy that can be unjammed to bring politicians and business executives to their senses. It remains largely an idealistic goal.

Instead, we the people are battered with mind-numbingly blunt financial begging campaigns, plus still-overly-corporate-financed political machines crudely bashing one another in the glare of the media lights.

If aliens from another planet were to actually visit the Earth and observe our primitive behavior, they would surely remove themselves quickly back home to report our ludicrous collective conduct and warn their citizens not to visit us.

Perhaps they have already done it. If so, how wise of them.

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