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FROM MY CORNER: America’s Priorities

Howell Hurst Corona Virus, Humans, Nature, People

Three life-sustaining things are absolutely necessary right now.  

            1. We all must remain housed for isolation.

            2. We all must be able to acquire food. 

            3. We all must be able to acquire medical attention.

All other consumption can and should be considered of secondary importance. All landlords can and should be required not to evict people. Their own financial obligations can and should be put on hold. If held in abeyance, they will not disappear. We can attend to them later.

Buying the next thing we want is not important. Paying all business bills immediately is not important. Keeping us all alive is important. Bills can be paid later. After the Coronavirus has been brought under control we can return to satisfying our addiction to buying, selling, consuming.

This tiny invisible virus is a determined killer. It is relentless and devious in its permutations.  Its defeat is an existential matter We had better take it far more seriously than we are doing.

As I write, our national Senators and Congressional members have abandoned their job for the weekend. They are not yet taking the situation seriously. They are playing loose with the virus. 

Are we Americans going to be smart enough to view this situation with the objective gravity required?  Are we intellectually capable of retreating from our self-absorbed appetite for consumption and profit, and focusing on what will resolve the virus problem? 

That is the real issue.  

And the answer is far from clear.

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