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FROM MY CORNER: Adventures in the Skin Trade

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Well, I want to tell you it is never too late to learn more about the world.

Recently, I thought things through and decided it was time I got seriously involved in finally finding a mate. A website called suggested I might find it a sensible way to search for a compatible woman. So, I tried it.

What an experience! 110 internet digital matchups in one week. Took my breath away how many lovely older women appear to be looking for men who are not financially broke and seeking them for money.

I felt this might be a worthwhile experience leading to a satisfactory conclusion. Then, the professionals started reaching out to me. Filled with beautiful pictures and promises of faithful love and companionship, their messages flooded my computer.

After sharing a few texts,or emails, then came the sales pitch. Yes, it was all about me sending them money so they and I could meet and get to know another. It didn’t take me long to figure out this was all about professional selling of their bodies.

Oh, the modern digital world! The wonders of electronic communication on a mass scale. It seems that the world of single older people is a new market for the marketers of physical intimacy.

Some of the contacts seem like they may be real.  Therefore, I’ll keep testing this thing awhile longer to see if a real opportunity may appear. In the meantime, communicating with high priced ladies of the day and night will surely be a new education for me.

And provide me several new stories to write, perhaps. This might even be the subject for an entire new book.  I’ll be sure and take notes of my research and report back to you.

This is much more fun that politics.

Until next time,


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