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FROM MY CORNER, New Words for Our Dictionary

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New Words for Our Dictionary

(NOUN) TRUMPISTRY. The conspiratorial behavior of an autocratic leader traitorously currying the favor and alliance of other despotic leaders to personally benefit all of them by jointly consolidating their power over the citizens they are pledged to protect.

 (VERBS) TO TRUMPIFY. To act in multitudinous ways to enhance one’s conspiratorial delusions of creating such an alliance and thereby through one’s own self-obsession to imagine one will eventually become the world leader of such an alliance. TO TRUMP: To deny all facts in favor of one’s own definition of what constitutes reality, and expecting all people to accept this definition.

 (ADJECTIVE) TRUMPIST. Example: “A newly elected leader of “X” Country states he intends to forge a trumpist administration to serve all citizens by personally defining the culture of their nation for them to unquestionably accept.”

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Joking with Russia’s Putin about meddling in our 2020 election, praising the Philippines’ Duterte who murders his own poor small time marijuana sellers without benefit of trials, saying he is “honored” to visit North Korea’s Kim, who publicly murdered his own uncle with a cannon.

Also: Lacking concern for refugee mothers and their children.

Mr. Trump possesses all the humane sensitivity of a biological cross between a boa constrictor, a rattlesnake, and a pit bull.

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