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FROM MY CORNER, The Devious Comedy

Howell Hurst Corporate Avarice, Digital Hell, Humans, People, War and Organized Mayhem

The Italian poet Dante called the shenanigans of the human race The Divine Comedy. I question that idea; humans are far more devious than divine in my opinion. They absolutely excel in collectively shooting themselves in the foot.

Recently, I’ve been moving from one living place to another, which has kept me busy, but I have still been watching all the worldwide news of our rotating planet. It continues to infatuate me how utterly silly it all is.

The major countries of the world continue to rattle their atomic sabers, the minor ones strive for atomic sabers, and literally millions of people live on the very near edge of death through the fertile foolishness of their fellow creatures.

Reading the headlines of the world’s journals tests one’s sense of reality. Do world leaders in their striving to dominate one another in the press actually think they are leading anybody anywhere other than further into chaos?

I know of no species other than us humans who so fervently organize ourselves meticulously into passionate killing machines bent on destroying one another. It’s as if we have an irresistible tendency toward mass suicide.

Well, maybe it’s not quite that bad. But I’m not sure. America needs low cost labor to fill many empty jobs. It has simultaneously several million underemployed citizens and literally thousands of immigrants who would like jobs.

However, our corporations, rather than investing money into training our own people and placing them in the jobs, instead export the jobs to foreigners around the world who can barely speak English.

Whenever I try to get to an American company, I am most likely confronted with a well-meaning, but largely illiterate, person from a country halfway around the world who reads from a prepared script and cannot answer my questions.

This digitally-created world is farcical. More, it’s a joke. A sad one. The obsession of the corporate leaders to passionately embrace the present methods of doing business in order to maximize profits is, I’m convinced, totally self-defeating.

In the blind push for profits companies have completely misplaced the reason for any product or service: to serve human beings. When you throw out reason and replace it with the fanaticism of profits at all cost – well, you’ve tossed any rational reason for existing.

When a nation’s elected representatives wrestle persistently with one another for media prominence, and call each other names, and openly slander one another to the point that it is considered the norm, that nation is in trouble.

Trying to make any sense of it is becoming a daunting task. I think everyone’s just lost their minds. We’re all afloat in a sea of soupy senselessness. It’s just that simple. But, of course, it’s not just that simple.

I suspect History will record this period of time on Earth as a Renaissance-In-Reverse. When humans just lost it all and near-sightedly bumbled on the best they could, hoping they’d come through it OK.

It’s quite easy to be nihilistic about things. Proposing there is no such thing as reason and common sense may just be the closest we can get to rational behavior. It’s certainly is a foolish way to spend our time.

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