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FROM MY CORNER, Unrigging The Rigged Game

Howell Hurst Corporate Avarice, Humans, People, People Politics, Poverty

Finally, it has really come home to me that our political system is indeed in point of fact a fabulously contrived confidence game by the financial powers that be, consisting of a collaboration among giant corporate interests and ego centric political personalities.

We all know it is driven by money, rather than ideas. Real solutions to the massive financial inequality between the corporate officers and the millions of American poor are never addressed.

I believe the game of politics is essentially obsolete. It simply doesn’t work. Not for ordinary people. We have all simply become pawns in their game. Have you ever tried to bring a new legislative proposal to one of your chosen leaders? Good luck.

When it comes to ordinary people being taken seriously by our politicians, it is really mostly lip service. They award themselves full health benefits but can’t provide it to us. They all become wealthy in the process.

I defy you to show me a poor Senator or Congressperson. They don’t exist. None of them live on the average American income of $50,000 – let alone the poverty-level income of 30 million Americans totally left out in the cold.

The new young Democrats are leaning strongly toward a Socialistic economy. I suspect that is a good tendency – so long as we do not throw out the baby with the bath water.

By which I mean that there are real tangible benefits to capitalism. The problem is that the corporate cabal has usurped the rights of individuals to run businesses that truly serve a local constituency.

The Supreme Court decision giving corporations financial control of our political process emasculated our Democracy and turned it into a full-fledged oligarchy. It is now Socialism for Corporations, and the rest of us be damned.

What I suspect is going to happen is that the American public is going to gradually wise up and realize that some rational mixture of Capitalism and Socialism must evolve in America.

That is an optimistic outlook that may not be realistic. I’m not sure. I think we are  going to have to just wait and see how it all works out. There are a lot of serious failings in our American society. Can we fix them?

Although I sometimes characterize our condition as the potential extinction of humans, on a current real-time basis it is necessary, I believe, to maintain an optimistic perspective.

We do live in a short-term perspective of our own lives, and we do seem to find it extremely hard to envision the long-term outlook of the human race. So, I guess optimism is our only saving grace.

And possibly, that will save us from ourselves.

Something needs to.

Until next time,


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