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FROM MY CORNER, A Common Sense Readjustment

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When I first proposed to create an independent writer’s presidential campaign, I thought it would be an effective literary device from which to criticize Trump and the Corporatization of the entire Washington establishment.

I’ve changed my mind. It has not proven effective. Why? I think it is simply because so many people are critical of Trump and the Washington, D.C. political group of  profiting plutocrats.

Many contrarian people with money and protest blood in their veins are stepping forward and expressing thoughts I too maintain. And some of them are quite articulate and believable as real candidates.

So – I want to relieve myself of the mental burden of pretending to be an independent presidential candidate and return to my simpler, sounder role as the writer of the critical blog “From My Corner.”

I’m quite confident that none of my readers will feel cheated by my action. The current times are serious enough for all of us that we certainly don’t need some writer promoting himself by pretending to the presidency.

And I am enough of a lone wolf enjoying my privacy to not seek contrived publicity that will not, in any case, even be judged by the media as honest protest, but will be considered self-serving promotion.

However, I’ll not stop protesting the state of America and its circus-like trappings. It does take an inordinately flamboyant dog and pony show, played to the TV cameras and all media, to be a politician. Not my cup of tea, actually.

It is indeed the top acting role in the world. When I was a young man, I wanted to be an actor. Having reached 80% of my likely expected life now, I don’t like to act. I like to be me. And I like writing about the goings on of the world.

So, I’m going to concentrate on that. If any out there reading my words feel I’m copping out – just wait a minute! Keep reading. I’m a confirmed critic about most everything that America has embraced after a quarter millennium of existence.

And I’ll keep bashing it and all of us with gusto. We deserve good bashings, and critiques, and being held to account for our shallow consumer economy and our “luxury-seeking” lifestyle.

The whole world is in quite a mess these days. Millions of people suffer. And more and more common sense is needed. Much of that depends on realizing that the existence of the planet’s human beings is always seriously at stake.

After all, 90% of all species have eventually gone extinct. There’s no reason we should not be able to pull off that fiasco quite competently. I contend always that the more people realize this real probability, the more common sense we may find to replace our luxury-focused consumerism.

From now on, “From My Corner” will stick to additional straight-from-my-gut words intended to pique your interest and push you into thinking inside some other untapped corners of all the yet-unused little grey cells inhabiting your head.

Until next time,


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