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Competing Countries or One World?

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A recent article in Business Week comments: “There’s no escaping geopolitics.” Joshua Brustein, the writer, is simply saying that the actions of politicians guide – or misguide – what occurs financially (and to a great extent also socially) on the planet.

He demonstrates through historical records that your and my financial security depends on the strength of the total productivity of our country. We normally call this GDP – Gross Domestic Product.

He further points out that the larger the population of a country, the larger the GDP can be – if well managed, of course. China and India have far larger populations than the United States. In 2020, China’s GDP is due to become larger than ours. India and Brazil are hot on our heels.

So, does it not appear that we should be seeking to enlarge our population rather than blocking refuges and immigrants, which thereby illogically limits it? It has long been pointed out that large populations contain many valuable geniuses needing to be discovered for the benefit of humanity.

The argument that inviting immigrants would take jobs away from Americans is not rational thinking. Our poor are kept poor not because of refugee or immigrant competition. They are kept poor because our capitalist corporate leaders, after automation, refuse to share the nation’s wealth – it’s GDP – with everyone.

With computerization and robotics massively reducing the need for human labor in increasing instances, it is clear that people do not need to work 40-hour weeks. What is actually needed is for corporations to equitably reallocate and share existing human labor and income with all people needing and willing to work.

Since the immense disparity of income between the poor (the powerless) and the wealthy (the powerful) is also a root contributor to war, sharing the wealth of a nation becomes a basic survival tool of any society. Projected planet-wide, it is essentially a matter of survival of our species: of the human race.

Focusing on profits for a few at the top is in essence the cause of our most destructive habits: war and poverty. What more can one say than that that is patently stupid behavior? Our country’s present leadership aggressively sells U.S. nationalism and vilifies refugee immigrants. That is blunderingly short sighted.

America needs to increase population and forge collaboration between corporations and the entire population. American corporations need to become the driving force of a more equitable distribution of education and job training, and rational sharing with everyone of available work and income.

Only approximately ten percent of our U.S. population does not have adequate work and income. It would be a relatively simple process to create a system of training and sharing with them available jobs. As a management problem, it is really quite simple.

It is far simpler than going to the Moon and Mars, building weapons of mass destruction, developing spectacular technologies and medicines, and such other disciplines of science and economics we rather efficiently accomplish.

The political leadership of America needs to persuade the corporate world that it must expand its motivation and responsibility from profits to the over-all well being of all citizens. If not, both political leaders and corporate management become the true enemies of people. Which, of course, is an untenable situation.

This is a philosophical change from the present norm of our country. I contend it is an absolutely necessary change if we as a country are to retain a leadership role in the world and help guide it toward a longer future.

It is clear that, despite widespread present nationalist tendencies by many countries, the world as a whole is striving to become one self-supporting evolutionary phenomenon. Why? Because it is absolutely necessary to the survival of the human race. It is instinctive.

This is pretty basic stuff. Good stuff for us to recognize if we’d like our species to hang around a long time.  It is the capability of humans consciously to alter their behavior – an attribute Chinese philosophers acknowledged eons ago as unique to our species.

Not a bad goal, to my way of thinking.

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