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FROM MY CORNER: My Exit Strategy Explained

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Whenever one starts a war with some perceived enemy, it is best to have a plan for finally disengaging from all the blood and gore to safely get back home. My Paris, Madrid, Florence strategy is that idea of how to run my presidential campaign.

Let me explain. Since we live in the digital age, there seems to be no necessity to campaign physically on the ground in Iowa, New Hampshire, California, etc. Why not do it from Paris? And if elected by a computer savvy bunch of voters, then return to the White House?

That makes sense, doesn’t it? And, after all, since Trump spends lots of time away from the White House in his resorts. might not I even be able to base myself in Madrid or Florence, and run the country from there?

You don’t care whether I actually live and work in the White House, do you, so long as the job gets done? I thought I’d actually turn it into a halfway house for homeless Veterans – and shame the defense industry into helping them rejoin our ranks as valued citizens.

Here’s the situation as I see it and what needs to be done.

First, we currently have a narcissistic, self-adoring president whom we must vote out of office and send back to his golf links. Thereafter, we must all realize that 52% of our tax dollars are spent keeping up a massively expensive bunch of ships, planes, atomic bombs, and a worldwide oligarchical Empire, not a national democracy.

And as The Nation magazine aptly documents in its January 7 issue, the Pentagon industry is busy splashing that money widely around without maintaining  acceptable books about how they are spending it. They are the only U.S. agency not accurately accounting for how they spend the money!

The Nation states that over the years some $21 Trillion, yes that’s with a “T,” cannot be accounted for. One suspects there are some very rich people funding the defense industry, allies with the people who brought us the 2008 Mortgage debacle.

Add to this the fact that the Supreme Court took all our constitutional citizen control from us and gave it to Corporations in the ruling that named them all persons, while turning us into nothing but consumers, and indebting us to them.

The solution? We must demand a Plebiscite – a national ballot where all of us can vote whether we want Corporations and the Defense Industry to dominate our economy and government, or would we like to regain our constitutionally-authorized right to self control of our country.

The crux of the matter is do the American people have the good sense and will to organize and demand that their rights be returned to them, or are they so timid they just want to continue to watch the confidence game on TV?

That is the real question. Can and will the American people wake up to how their labor and energy is supporting a get-rich-mechanism for a select few multimillionaires cleaning up on war and military proliferation.

Defense? Yes, I am for Defense! And a very good one! What I am not for yet again is expanding the Defense budget beyond its present multi-trillion dollar base and making them all a little richer. It ought to be a non-profit industry run by patriots, not plutocrats.

If you think you might want to vote directly for such a thing, then you and I might be on the same page. If you’re not sure, and if the American media won’t support such a Plebiscite plan, well – I think I’ll just go sip coffee on the Seine and watch all the tourists walk by.

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