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FROM MY CORNER: Want to Help Secure the Homeland?

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If securing the homeland, as Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump contend is so important – which they demand requires a border wall – why is it that they can so effortlessly shut down Homeland Security by closing the government?

Should we ever shut down government, further dismembering the diplomatic corps of our State Department, closing our Parks, and other aspects of national management? Politically self-serving, it’s akin to shooting yourself in the head to relieve an aching toe.

This to my mind is further example of the erratically illogical rhetoric and behavior characterizing this administration. While government is substantially unfunded, our Homeland’s agency for our security is largely incapacitated

This to be done just so Mr. T. and Mr. M. can try to talk Democrats into supporting their billion-dollar wall venture, rivaling that antiquity the Chinese constructed long ago to prevent barbarians from attacking them – hardly our situation in this 21stcentury.

Shutting down our government for blatantly partisan politics quite weirdly attempts to divert our attention from our elected officials’ immature state of mind. It’s a questionable tactic at best; utter foolishness at worst. Little barefoot boys scuffling in the dirt over a bag of marbles.

Closing government as a partisan political ploy is not governing. It is peevish childishness – the tool of minor minds.

It does not take a great education or genius brain to draw this conclusion. Any laborer in the heat of Summer could do it as well as you or me. (I use this example because my first job at ten was as a water boy on a stonemason construction crew. I well understand a laborer’s mind.)

How do we all & each remain so substantially mute as our fumblingly-feuding politicians pretend to act as our legitimate leaders? I know it is often explained as “just politics,” but “just politics” endangers too much of what is due us as citizens.

We deserve far better for our tax dollars. I am beginning to think we millions of citizens should actually get organized and strike: literally take off for a week from school and work, and refuse to buy anything. Temporarily stop spending money.

The financial powers of America would thereby be made to realize that their golden bank accounts are totally dependent on our spending. And we citizens would realize it is our consumer spending, in addition to taxes, that keeps these pretend politicians in their jobs.

If we were to organize and strike for a week from our jobs and buy nothing, the point would be strikingly made – to the corporate world owning most politicians, and to us – that we actually possess the power to directly impact government and the profit-obsessed corporations dominating it.

We are burdened with serious issues to solve: climate change and its impending real consequences to our economy; several millions of Americans without adequate jobs and incomes; still tens of thousands homeless; the persistent expense of natural disasters and their destructive effect on people.(Puerto Rican citizens still suffer as Mr. T. yearns for $billions for nuclear bombs and steel border walls.)

Some little boys dressed up in white shirts, suits, & ties, and some little girls in fancy dresses, creating traumatic dramas for purely political gain, are not sustainable. We citizens, the legal guardians of this country, share responsibility for their expensive fashion habits.

If we do not actually outright go on strike, is it not time we at least considered how we might all concretely contribute to the tempering of this state of affairs? Quite a change occurred in the 2018 elections. Might not an even larger one occur in 2020?

Might we not all, right now, become acutely aware of our responsibility as citizens and strive to do our part? Voting is not enough. Candidates too often have thousands of corporate dollars at hand. Organizing among ourselves is the real key.

Might we not figure out how to organizationally ally ourselves with one another through our various private organizations (Rotary with Moose with Masons with Churches, etc.) to send a message to both corporations and their financially indebted politicians that we are getting a bit weary with their shenanigans?

That requires our being keenly aware of our political situation. Politics is not just for those who find it a financially rewarding game. It directly affects all of our lives. How about you? Are you possibly feeling adequately activist-inclined these days to jump into the political pond? And if not, why not?

Come on in; the water’s fine.

Until next time,


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