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FROM MY CORNER: Our Current TV News

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Is it not remarkable to you how the manipulations of our government have become little more than TV and Internet exposure of all its members’ dirty underwear? Mr. T habitually lies openly all the time, and little happens except the papers write a new article about his latest fib as if it were a joke.

Yesterday an argument among T and Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Schumer was the latest episode of our daily Washington TV drama: Life among the Politicos. It appears we only barely missed seeing them all get into a fistfight.

Only a year or two ago the Republicans were lambasting the Democrats for not balancing the budget. Today, after the tax cut to the rich, and various spending shuffles, Mr. T’s budget imbalance has reached uniquely ponderous proportions. So much for Republican frugality.

T continues to claim the Mexican border wall is being built, while the media reporters claim it simply is not true. He proposes a multi-billion dollar increase in nuclear weapons to keep us all safe, while millions of children are starving in some of our profitable wars.

Terrorism has been proved in America to be from American citizen white supremacists, while T touts it as coming from outside the U.S. – which no factual justification has emerged to verify.

The recent jailing of various former high level allies of T is quite a good show too, isn’t it?

We are really in a ‘The Emperor Wears No Clothes” Punch and Judy show. It’s hard to say these days which is actually funnier: Saturday Night Live or the United States Government.

No! That’s not true. The foundation of government as a concept is sound. The actual funny part is specifically the amateur posturing by all of the elected officials leading us on to even higher levels of lunacy.

I’m relieved they’ve all become so ridiculous we can laugh at them. At least that lets us sleep better. Things keep going because thousands of government bureaucrats actually keep the ship on some kind of semi-rational course.

I don’t think the country’s about to sink. Those thousands taking care of the millions of day-to-day details that keep it afloat probably deserve a vote of thanks by the rest of us hometown TV viewers.

Let’s give them three cheers for keeping the boat sailing while we enjoy this fabulous entertainment, shall we?  –  – – Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!

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