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FROM MY CORNER, Corporate Immigrant Felons

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In case you’ve not noticed, not far back the United States didn’t jail immigrants. Judges allowed those claiming refugee status to be free in America as their cases were scheduled for review and decisions.

It was a humane and rational system.  Then Fidel Castro had a brainstorm: he would allow any Cubans wanting to go to America to do so. However, he required that America accept any others he chose to deport. America agreed.

The result: we then got quite a few criminals in addition to the legal refugees. That shook up America’s government. They over-reacted so much that they simply put all of them in jail. Even the innocent ones were classified as criminals.

Our corporate culture got hold of this opportunistic idea and the free-for-all began. For-profit prison professionals, such as the Corrections Corporation of America, pushed for the business. Here was some big bucks sleight-of-hand to practice.

Now, over 40,000 migrants in the U.S. are behind bars, massively profiting the professional jailors laughing all the way to the bank. How big is this business? Last year these pros took in $2.6 Billion. Not a bad haul. Paid with our taxes.

The system as now designed has created a whole new Felon class, who used to be treated like the abused and endangered people most of them are. It is quite simply another consequence of how our Corporate profit-obsessed culture views life.

Life has become to these prison entrepreneurs just another commodity. It is another means for corporate prison executives to clean up and be able to buy themselves multiple houses, cars, jewels, and vacations.

Only in America. What a country.

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