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FROM MY CORNER, A Questionable Quest

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I am keenly aware that a writer who’s not rich or widely known, but presumes to undertake a blog launch of a presidential campaign, must be considered by most readers to have suffered within his skull: a loose brain-cog.

The way of my fledgling battle against our corporate dominated government appears likely long and hard.

Although the only constitutionally-required necessities of a candidate are that he or she be born in the United States and be age 35 upon entering office, it’s quite clear that the real qualifier is to be a well-to-do sitting politician or a rich businessperson.

On neither qualifier do I fit the required model. Ideas, which are all I have to sell, are not highly admired traits of lawyers or business candidates. Creativity does not commonly fit within the socially acceptable concept of a politician.

And after all, my proposed changes in government are suspiciously dangerous. For example, I advocate allocating a small piece of inexpensive government land to all poor Americans needing it, upon which they may live.

I believe corporations should be required to make all employees part owners of the company they work for. I believe America should lead the world’s nations in ongoing serious negotiations to eliminate nuclear weapons.

I’m for making defense manufacturing non-profit. I’m for requiring corporations pay a living wage and not be allowed to shunt employee expenses off to Federal and State welfare agencies.

I believe the Supreme Court ruling making corporations “people,” able to control political campaigns, should be put to a national referendum vote so real citizens can send it packing.

I’m for making it illegal for corporations to pack all their products in plastic, but require they use biodegradable products that will not clog up the oceans. I think a major economic necessity of the U.S. is to help all homeless (particularly Veterans) return to our society.

I think it a sound idea to assemble a team to review our constitution with an eye to fine tuning many of its now ambiguous elements, so that its vital concepts fit into the complexly re-engineered digital 21stCentury.

I believe we should pay for such things by reducing our always massively cost-over-run defense budget. That we stop spending so many billions of dollars on high tech weaponry not appropriate to fight what is essentially an Intelligence and guerilla war against Terrorism, both domestic and international.

American government has become the property of only the moneyed class: Bankers, lawyers, defense companies, and others – whose leaders and politicians own multiple homes and cars while at least 30 million Americans barely have life-supporting income.

Since medicine has vastly extended life spans (I’ve an Aunt who recently died at 106) I think it’s a rational idea to have an 80-year-old president who’s lived long enough to see through most of the deceptions commonly foisted upon us by politicians and their wealthy contributors.

It simply makes sense to start addressing such issues. So, with possibly more than one loose brain-cog in my skull, I am writing about these things. Admittedly, trying to be a poor American candidate may be futile, but it feels good.

Think of it like Abe Lincoln put it. He said that something must like plain people a lot  because it made so many of us. I bet it’s also for someone about now who knows what ordinary Americans have to put up with from our gold-plated government and its plutocratic supporters.

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