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Report Nr. 10



Of Cunning Lies, Razzle Dazzle,

Unapologetically Brazen Women

My alleged “Candidacy” is not about this writer. I have no illusion our U.S. citizenry will rise up to catapult me into the White House to save the nation. My writing campaign is about Americans themselves. It is an act born of total frustration. It is my feeble attempt to assist us in rising above our tendency toward guile and duplicity.

Our capitalistic culture has taught us to accept a disappointing standard of politics. Our Right and Left partition has frozen us into a ruptured culture. With remarkable commitment, we exhibit behavior imitating the infamous feud of the Hatfields and McCoys. It would all be very funny if it were not so serious.

It is grave from two perspectives. From one: we have compromised our integrity, replacing our rightful position as citizens with that of consumers. From the other: our behavior has resulted, as much as any nation’s, in creating millions of poor, homeless, and displaced refugees.

Our religious beliefs unequivocally direct we help others in need. Our political leadership contends refugees are invading criminals. The money spent sending soldiers to our borders could create temporary safe camps for thousands while we sort out the situation. Mexico, with a fraction or our economy, is attempting to accommodate many, while we dubiously defend our border.

What could be a rational response to a manageable condition we allow to be a rush to judgment. In an utterly frantic manner, we over-react. With millions of miles of empty land, with corporations wallowing in accumulated profits, our behavior is ethically indefensible. With a need for inexpensive labor, we reject willing workers. What are we to do with this illogical dichotomy?

Our media-driven political dialogue has become farcical. Any striving toward truth has fallen by the wayside. Our business world has largely armed itself with the ethic: “If you can get away with it, it’s all OK.” Our politics believes it is entirely proper, “to dupe, and deceive.“

Our biggest banks and loan and insurance companies repeatedly stoop to the lowest levels of conduct. Our press reports it. Recessions occur, and our big-business dominated government bails them out.

And the common Americans in the street? We seem paralyzed. By our own desire for personal security. For the protection of our own well being. For our houses. Our cars. Our jobs. Our incomes. Our assets. Or – for at least one tenth – by our poverty.

There are signs of optimism. All the women just elected to government office are encouraging. Men have dominated government far too long.  We’ve built an economy that is military based. We’ve exalted profit over people. We’ve generally muddled things up pretty good around the world. The ladies will have to go a long way to damage us much more.

I suggest we wish them well with their increased entrance into mainstream politics. It is likely their feminine instincts may nudge us in healthy directions. If they can only protect themselves from the dangers of power. If they can avoid the tool of excessive deceit.

A little chicanery, ladies, seems necessary in politics. The obstacles to progress are many and total truth tends to confuse many. So, for one, I propose you may consider the many male political tools, but keep your minds about you if you wield them.

Aiming for the bull’s eye is always the best way to get anywhere near it, And besides, if your try it, you will surely confuse the men’s minds. They’ll be very busy trying to figure out what in the world you’re up to.

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