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Report Nr. 5



Toward an Anti-Trump

 Several governors, senators, and business people are contenders for the presidency in 2020. They will soon dominate the political scene, attempting to snag the golden ring. That is not my job.

 My job is to introduce as many new ideas as I possibly can. And to do so in a manner that I consider reasonable – that is: logical to those who read my writings. Rational ideas, manageable ideas, innovative ideas, maintaining a degree of what we all normally call common sense.

 Common sense. That is the place where a majority of us say, “yes, I beieve that might work.” All those governors, senators, and business people are going to tell you that they are Leaders. I’m not a conventional Leader. Not in the sense they mean.

 I spend most of my days reading and thinking about what I have read, and then writing something that I believe makes sense. If by some twist of fate I ever were to be president, I’d likely continue to spend a great deal of time reading and writing, plus meeting the many tasks inherent in the job.

 But now, my job is to articulate my vision for America. I have previously often written that I think we must address as a priority all those Americans who are at the bottom of our economic scale. I believe this is fundamental to a renaissance of our national culture.

 It is irrational, illogical, and does not exhibit common sense to leave one tenth of our people destitute in the midst of all the wealth America contains. There is no moral justification for 90% of us to be making it relatively well financially, while 30 million Americans struggle desperately.

 Our economy needs to work, not from the top down, but from the bottom up. This is what our country’s most prevalent religion states. It is what makes common sense. The issue is how to go about creating such a transformation.

 Homelessness, for instance, is a long-standing embarrassment of our democratic society. Tens of thousands live inhumane lives in the shadow of every major city in our country. The rapacious competitiveness of our profit-obsessed corporate culture does not permit us to help these people with medical and mental treatment, job training, and job placement.

 It is disgraceful that we all allow this to continue. 30 million homeless or destitute are a lost 30 million American citizens. They are a lost 30 million American workers and consumers. They are a lost market to our economy.

 I know the arguments against them. They are commonly described by many as being incapable of recovery, education, training, and re-entry into our economy. They are essentially judged to be almost subhuman.

 Really? All 30 million homeless and those lacking life-supporting income are incompetents? Do you believe that? I don’t. There are valid reasons for their existence. There are remedies.

 Almost a tenth of them are Veterans who’ve served in wars. Are they incompetents? Most have had calamities occur in their lives created by war or the ever-recurring financial inequities of our capitalist culture.

 Expect me to spell out a practical vision for dealing with the left out people of America, and how it will positively impact all of us. I’m going to propose how to economically create housing for them. How to provide medical, education, job training, and income-producing work.

 How, in short, to proactively create a national collaboration to solve this situation in a financially-feasible manner  And without deconstructing our established economic system. Rather, by enhancing it.

 In my next report, I’m going to articulate a practical plan how to vastly expand and improve the U.S. real estate market, which is – as it presently operates – essentially a financially oppressive industry.

 The plan is basically how to economically house everyone in America. Where the investment money comes from. How it positively impacts everyone.


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