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WHY An Independent Candidacy?

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Why an Independent Candidacy?

A reader has e-mailed me, “Why are you making this futile presidential campaign?” That is a very good question.  The answer is that I am doing it because I do not hear from any of the established candidates what I want to hear. They are not addressing what concerns me. Therefore, I am doing this to present what I want my presidential candidate to be saying..

I find that neither the Republicans nor the Democrats are saying anything incisive or profound about the country and its needs. They are both mired in a bottomless chasm. And it is only deepening. Meanwhile, our collective citizens’ majority voice has largely been blocked.

It is my firm opinion that among all issues on the table, the most fundamental problem of America is the irrationally wide financial divide between the wealthy and the 30 million Americans not obtaining a living income.

I believe our nation cannot keep ten percent of our population desperately poor without incurring expensive problems impacting us all. Most other issues depend on all people earning enough to house themselves and to afford the basic necessities for rational existence in our volatile economy. I contend this is the log in the logjam.

For years, the Republicans have been preaching a top down financial solution; they say take care of the wealthy and the money will trickle down. If that is such a great idea, I ask, why are 30 million Americans barely holding their lives together?

The Democrats have been preaching another sermon. They’ve largely said, let’s provide all kinds of government support: food stamps and various programs we have all called Welfare. The same question applies: If this is such a good idea, why are 30 million Americans barely holding their lives together?

Our immense financial divide became serious after the Supreme Court ruling justified permitting corporations to inject their millions of dollars into American politics. Before that, America’s policy was essentially to require individual citizens supply political funding. That worked better.

330 million individual citizens cannot easily organize to compete with the major corporations, all whose boards of directors largely contain the same people.  The major corporations can with great efficiency band together and control our economy. And they do, Primarily to their benefit, not ours.

A band of corporations collaborating toward their avowed primary objective of Profits cannot, and do not, do what is required to assure all Americans a living income. And it is massively difficult for separate citizens to organize and reverse what the Supreme Court has decreed.

I suspect a national plebiscite, a national citizens’ vote on the subject, may be necessary to bring this about. First, however, must be an awakening by the American people that the destiny of all Americans must be taken back from corporations and returned solely to us as individuals.

We will regain control of our government, which is our constitutional right, only when we demand by law that corporations be barred from funding politics. I am not saying I favor replacing capitalism with socialism. I do favor our orchestrating a well-designed combination of the two – with individual voting citizens in control of that process.

Many claim that it is corporations and capitalism that have brought America whatever past financial success it has enjoyed. That, I believe, is an insufficient explanation. Rather, I contend, it is the working public – all of us who do all the many tasks that keep America intact. We are the true origin and foundation of what makes our economy function.

We all, 100% of us, deserve a life-sustaining piece of our national economy. The business of America is People, not Profits. How we ourselves can unite to bring this issue to the top of our to do list is what my “futile” campaign is about.

More to come on as we struggle to further develop our barely begun young Democracy.

Until next time,


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