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Muddling On

Well, the great judicial battle is over. And what a spectacle! The vitriol between Left and Right has again played itself out in the pig trough of politics. Emotion seems to have completely captured the minds of politicians and people.

Who was right? Who was wrong? I think that puzzle was not answered. He said and she said and they said and those others said – it all just became another dog and cat fight.

The gut rumble and tumble of ideologies continues to fumble on. The original ideology of America seems to have gone lost in this third century after our country’s founding.

I believe we are just still in our infancy and can’t help but behave like  children. It may quite simply just be beyond our intellectual capability to transcend this squabbling and righteous indignation from both sides of the political spectrum.

I note, however, that the streets are not yet crumbling. Buildings are still standing.  Cars and planes are still functioning. Even people seem to keep trudging on down the road. So, perhaps, it is all simply what being human is all about.

It’s quite a messy little drama, this living together and fighting among our selves. Possibly it’s just what it takes to keep us all from becoming bored with the experience.

Might it not just weary us if we all got along better?

I wonder.

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