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FROM MY CORNER, Hungering For Clothes

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Hungering for Clothes

Burberry Clothing just burned $40 million of their clothes and accessories to create a shortage of supply to insure a continued high price in the market for their items. Media wrote this up as a degradation of the environment, worried about the smoke produced fouling the air.

Not a media word was said about the millions of displaced homeless refugees worldwide barely holding onto life who need clothing. Burberry could have held an international sale, donating all proceeds to the needs of the immigrant homeless and gained the respect of millions of people. It would have been a PR coup.

How is it that the leadership of a giant fashion corporation like Burberry could not be sensitive to the weary and worn of the earth? How can their corporate leaders be so blindly insensitive?

How can media worry about the environment without discussing the effect upon human life? The clothing could have been donated directly to the homeless refugees of mankind’s endless wars to protect them from the elements while the politicians of the world endlessly argue the issue.

I am aghast at the mediocrity of the world’s corporate and political minds. How have such middling brains acquired such wealth and influence that they utterly ignore the plight of millions of homeless refugees?

Objectively observed, nations’ corporations and political systems called “economically advanced” are disgusting in their near-sighted obsession on profits. Their inability to seriously envision the horrors of life for the disadvantaged of the earth is unbelievable. Especially since most refugees are produced by their wars.

On a related issue, it has long been documented that over 50% of all food purchased by Americans citizens is thrown away while still edible. So, we citizens have become as wasteful and insensitive about the human condition as the corporations.

People criticize me for writing on such things. For being so “negative.” It is impossible for me to understand that 90% of all Americans claim to be Christians while I, a confirmed non-believer, often feel almost alone in my concern for the disadvantaged.

It is quite simple. How can so many pretend to their professed Christianity and be unable to get organized to use the waste they create to help their fellow humans? It is impossible to understand such a phenomenon.

How people can also be so obsessed with their own projected lives following their eventual deaths, that they cling to the notion they get to live again, but cannot help take care now on this earth during their earthly lives those people lacking the simple basic needs to sustain life?

Those with the power to do something about it: the corporate leaders, the politicians, the bankers, the lawyers, the financiers, seem oblivious to the issue. What can one think about such a situation?

It is a question one should never even have to contemplate, the solution is so obvious. Apparently it is simply that the blind continue to lead the blind.

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