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FROM MY CORNER: The Biggest Disaster!

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The Biggest Disaster!

I’ve been talking to some who read my comments. And what I hear disturbs me. More than one person has started spouting the Trump mantra, that all the press is fake. Some also say that all politicians are all the exactly the same, that there is no way to tell them apart.

I don’t believe that. A recent study by independent researchers issued by the United Nations documents how international leaders are disturbed how the policies of Trump and his clan have begun to devastate the condition of America’s poor.

I emailed all of you a copy of that summary yesterday. I wonder how many actually read it?

Donald Trump’s style of saying anything he wants you and me to hear and believe, over and over and over and over, is precisely the tactic that authoritarian leaders have always used to sell lies to a public.

He knows if he says the same thing repeatedly about the press being fake, people incapable of researching and reading facts will accept his claim as true.  A cousin of mine said to me lately, for instance, that politicians and the press are all the same.

Nothing is further from the truth. There are many reporters who are meticulously documenting the factual actions and factual consequences of Trump’s policies on immigrants and America’s poor. The verifiable facts are devastating.

The biggest disaster that can occur is for Americans to be lulled by Trump’s Twitter rants, and the media reports of them, until they believe his irrational and habitually untrue claims. He is a consummate proven liar.

He knows and understands repetition in the media. Hitler was the master manipulator of media through repetition of lies. Trump emulates his media style. I do not say he is another Hitler. I do say his lies and their repetition have numbed a lot of brains into stupor.

If you are one of them, dig deeper into BBC, French News, German News, Spanish news, Mexican news. Listen to deeply researched reports from New York Times, Boston Globe, Wall Street Journal, MSNBC, Politico, even Fox occasionally. Gain a thorough view of how the entire media world is assessing America and our presidency.

This is vital to America’s future.  People’s lives are being massively affected by Trump’s irrational policies. Their financial conditions are deteriorating. The suffering of Puerto Ricans and millions of Americans is not imaginary. It is very real.

If most Americans do not understand this, the results to the poor will be on our consciences. We will be responsible, just as the Germans were for the human consequences of following the crazed Nazi leader.

Ed Murrow said it: American citizens can never abandon their responsibility for democracy. This has never been truer than today.

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