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Needed: A Corporate Revolution

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Needed: A Corporate Revolution

Two of America’s primary weaknesses today are the corporatization of government and the largely uneducated poor Americans still laboring under the big business corporate culture of unbridled greed.

Let me make plain that I have nothing against the concept of legal corporations. My disagreement is with the practices that have evolved defining today what constitutes a legal American-based corporation.

The predominant corporate/government practice I detest is its consciously-created, low-paid, poorly-educated American worker. The weakness of such a creation has been documented throughout history.

In evidence, remind yourselves of America’s, Russia’s, and France’s successful revolutions. Currently, effective fanatic terrorist tactics continue disturbingly to demonstrate the power of a dissatisfied minority to wreck majority havoc.

Poor, ill-uneducated people always possess the potential to become fanatics for their own needs. Consequently, the continued cohesion of a democracy depends on well-educated and financially-secure citizens.

The entire population of our technologically-driven nation today must be well educated. Corporate/government leaders allowing a large number of our fellow citizens to be inadequately schooled and poor, daily grasping for existence, are dull witted.

Little separation exists between corporations and government today. Mostly corporations fund practically all aspiring politicians, no matter which side of the aisle they choose to sit on.

Most all Democrats and Republicans end up pocketing large sums from corporations in order to win their seats. To imagine their deepest loyalties are to the general American public is highly questionable conjecture.

Ill-educated poor citizens constitute a potentially dangerous revolutionary cadre. By sheer numbers, and from entirely valid unifying grievances, they can eventually,  when pushed to the limit, disrupt the authority of corporations and government.

Why the corporate world is incapable of perceiving this rests on their own intellectual inadequacies. They too need to reeducate themselves. They must learn that equitably sharing America’s work and wealth with all Americans is a requirement for the security of corporate legitimacy.

Two major problems of governments and corporations are cyber attacks and terrorist attacks. Frequently, the two are combined. Korea has been caught at it, as has China, Russia, and crooks of all countries, including America and, of course, fanatic terrorists.

It has cost corporations millions of dollars. Why, one asks again, do they not see that they have created their own enemies? it is difficult to answer. It must be simply that profit-oriented corporations do not attract deep thinkers as leaders.

Further, the concept of a corporate profit-making defense base as the foundation of America’s economy is obsolete. Yes, we need defense. No, it does not need to be founded on the ravagingly extravagant profitable manufacture of nuclear-wielding weapons, as millions remain poor.

America needs knowledgeable citizens, from backhoe operators to stone masons to university presidents to corporate ceo’s. American corporations, having nurtured an economy with a profit-making military/industrial base, have sold many Americans short.

It is time corporations stopped placing “Put” bets on American workers’ futures. It is time those “Puts” were changed to “Calls.” It is time corporations voted for American workers, not against them.

A democracy needs balance between personal and corporate and national needs in order to protect corporations, government, and every last one of its citizen. If it is not equitably weighted, it is not just unbalanced: it is endangered.

It simply makes common sense to add intellectual and financial weight to the laboring side of the balance. It takes equality on each side of an algebraic equation to produce the final solution for X. Particularly when X is the stability of the country.

The telling question for American corporate/government leaders today is: do you really want America to be stable?

Or not?

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