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Proposed New Legislation

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Proposed New Legislation

Well, I don’t know what to say today. On Sunday TV everybody seems bent on calling each other names, or killers are flipping speeding cars on the highway, or deranged fanatics are still bombing people.

Since this is all pretty normal human behavior, it leaves a fellow with not much to add. If people just keep on doing such dull stuff, it leaves you speechless. If you criticize people, they just call you a sorehead.

And if you dare propose how to bring people to their senses, they take it personal and you have to hire a security firm to protect yourself. At least that’s what I hear anyhow. No one’s pointed a gun at me or exploded my living quarters. Not yet.

As a matter of fact, I find relative anonymity is the safest course of action in today’s world. If you show up on TV or the Internet in a big way, there’s always somebody somewhere gets all squeezed out of shape about it.

Do you reckon people just like unraveled excitement? I’m beginning to think we’re all really afraid of peace and quiet anymore. What would we all do if things were so quiet all we could hear was the insides of our own heads rattling?

Actually, that’s the basis for meditation, isn’t it? Listening to yourself think in order to judge whether you’re making any sense or not. I mean, have you personally ever done that? Meditated and made any sense?

Me, I’ve occasionally spent a few hours with Buddhist monks in one of their meditation Zendos. Sure, it calmed me down for a while, but didn’t seem to much affect the five O’clock news.

The bombers and car flippers still got all the attention, not the meditators. That and the leaders of all the countries guiding their armies onto the various currently popular battlefields.

Makes you grope for the gist of it, doesn’t it? Maybe grope’s not the right word. Strain is better. It ‘s stressful just hanging out these days. Picnics with friends that used to be fun just become psychological release valves for weary brains.

There is one good side to the whole scene, though. It’s not dull. It gives you something to talk about at coffee shops with your neighbors. Or with your mate at night-time before you finally drop off to sleep.

Plus, I don’t know about you, but I have epic dreams these days: things like fighting off dinosaurs, ptetodactryls and such, you know? Sometimes fair damsels are lurking in the background. That at least keeps my dreams from being nightmares.

So, let’s look at the optimistic side of it. However, at my age, every time I attempt to do that, I forget what it is. The short-term memory thing. I bet you know about that too.

Maybe the whole purpose of having a lot of troubles is to make us realize that things can only get better. After all there’s always Monday. I think Monday is so good, it ought to be part of the weekend, and the week shouldn’t even start until Tuesday.

Say, now that’s a good idea. Maybe that’s the optimistic side of it.

Call your Senator, and your Representative. Let’s get them on this concept. It’d make for an outstanding new law. They’ll surely like it, don’t you figure? Probably vote themselves a raise for pulling off such a bi-partisan success.

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