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A Turning Point

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A Turning Point?

Is this not a unique instant in the history of the United States? Have we ever before had a government so manhandled by a group led by someone so intellectually crippled as this?

Clearly, money is driving the process. That and the repetitious provocation of the media with absurdist claims and pronouncements, disparaging almost every aspect of our accumulated norms of democratic functioning.

It has been repeatedly documented by various factual reporting that outright lies have become established as an acceptable means of governing. Hypocrisy, both religious and secular, has reached a prodigiously high level.

An avowed Christian administration rejects almost every traditionally-established Christian behavior toward people in dire need. Instead, it focuses its entire attention on cushioning the already impudent financial dominance of a miniscule fraction of the U.S. population.

Generally wallowing in wealth, practically every high official in the government tends to toady to the highest elected leader – either out of simple compliance with his official power, or for the obvious protection of their government position, or to safeguard their financial comfort.

Most amazing of all, is that approximately one-third of the U.S. population maintains a servile loyalty to this semi-civil fanaticism, regardless of the damaging economic results likely to fall upon them.

It appears that this one-third have little critical analytic ability whatsoever. The remaining two thirds, one must assume, are possibly just feeling politically-helpless for the time being – awaiting some as-yet-undefined solution to the debacle.

The alleged leader attacks the various investigative arms of government as if only he has the ability to know what is right for the country. There are no actual jackboots or rigidly-raised arms, but their existence seems to be insinuated; faintly, they inhabit the background.

The two thirds seem entranced by the TV and Internet reporting spectacle as it attempts to sort out truth from fiction on a daily basis. The resulting “news” has become almost a meandering circus one watches from the couch, popcorn in hand.

While some 41 million Americans are formally defined as living in abject poverty, the top one percent of U.S. citizens bask in squalid luxury. They passively support things from one of their multiple homes, or from inside one of their stable of cars, or flying first class from resort to resort, casually sensing at a distance the bizarre administration’s strange vibrations.

If it is a turning point, it is as yet an ambiguous one. It seems like a foggy day on a dueling field where multiple people are all waving pistols, trying to confirm who their weapon handlers are, and who – exactly – are their enemies, so not to waste their bullets.

It is a veritable free-for-all of opinions and prejudices – all scrambled up like the topping of some back-alley-designed political pizza.

I wonder if there is some potentially-unifying cheese under it all, restrainedly striving to produce a near-rational majority capable of optimistically celebrating at the 2018 and 2020 election dinners?

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