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Dissenting God & Trump

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My last couple of commentaries seem to have riled up some Christians. Two readers checked in with me – one asking his name be stricken from my email list, the other telling me I was “railing” against god and not being a positive person.

Riling them up was not my intent. I meant to persuade them to change their minds about something that I obviously did not meticulously define. The second fellow was right. I was railing, and not doing it well.

Too many things were on the page at once: god; the hurricane disaster; the need for long-range help for similar type future victims; and the second guy also griped about my treatment of Mr. Trump. Somewhere along the way I must have stuck a voodoo needle into him too.

My arguments were not articulately executed. Plus: my thoughts themselves must not have been well organized before I wrote. I accept the criticism. What I wanted to say quite clearly did not at all come out accurately.

Permit me time to reconstruct my thoughts, to harvest the right words, to position them correctly in reasonably-devised sentences; then I’ll return. This writing opinion adequately in order to alter another’s perspective about something without emotionally alienating him is not quite as easy as falling off a boat.

The critics have spoken. And if I am to retain any semblance of humility I must acknowledge the validity of their critiques. Because I have learned that when a piece of writing does not accomplish its intent, the writer is at fault – not the reader.

Later. I’ll try later.



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