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Ignorance vs Science

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While piously invoking “God,” Mr. Trump is methodically denying ten thousand years’ accumulated scientific knowledge. This would be the funny stuff of a satirical black comedy were it not such a serious matter.

Since the discipline of science is mankind’s best attempt at achieving the systematic investigation of the tangible meaning of real things, Mr. Trump’s invoking “God” as his guiding light would imply he would also want to use science to support the well being and security of human beings.

Instead, under cover of mass media frenzy about growing political corruption, his administration is methodically rebuking known scientific knowledge and its best assessment of experiential facts in order to focus attention on the dubious concept of increasing profits for corporations.

This blatant denial and refutation of science, which is after all our most likely valid estimate of the tangible realities of our universe and our life here on earth, is difficult to calmly come to grips with.

Rarely before have we had a president so utterly rejecting scientific knowledge and invoking business as justification for his decision-making process. The odds are certainly not unquestionably favorable that the outcome will be to our benefit.

They could eventually be literally life threatening for many of us. This does not seem to bother Mr. Trump as he eyes the bottom financial lines of his various business interests and allies.

Are his actions likely to immediately kill a lot of people? Probably not, but that is also hard to know for sure. Nature is a determined adversary when she gets in the mood to test humans.

However, that is not the only issue. The really pungent issue is that a man who has proven himself uneducated other than in profit-oriented studies is making life-relevant decisions defying tens of thousands of years of work of literally millions of scientists dedicated to trying to get to the truth of physical reality.

The issue is further, that millions of people hang daily on his every media word as he Twitters his administration into profounder scandalous waters. Waters that are daily discovering financial evidence that some really strange things have been going on among colleagues of his and himself.

He has proven himself a master at creating noisy media frenzy to cover governmental leveraging maneuvers clearly profiting himself and those about him. He doesn’t even have to deny this. The media frenzy hides it so well, that he gets off so far Scott free.

This is a dangerous crap game he is playing with our lives. Actually, the odds at craps may be better than those he is manipulating as he positions all of us with him on the existential gambling limb he has climbed out on.

As even the public media report the daily ups and downs of the stock markets, detailed information valuable to the rational management needed to potentially help safeguard our species in the future is being replaced by the simplistic concept of short-term corporate profits.

Is that a game you want the safety of your life to be dependent upon?

Chew on that awhile.

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