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Philotimo: Our Forgotten Debt To Greece

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Today’s commentary is about a concept we apparently overlooked when we allowed our capitalistic sense of profit to replace a fundamental aspect incorporated into the original Greek philosophy of democracy. You will find it by clicking the following Link from the BBC, August 4, 2017:

If you are curious about it, I suggest you click the Link quickly, before it is deleted from the Internet by Donald Trump, Jeff Sessions, and Associates.

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2 thoughts on “Philotimo: Our Forgotten Debt To Greece

    1. Jo, The real issue I have with us in America is how openly hypocritical most are. 90% claim Christianity, where it is abundantly clear that helping others in need is the belief. Then, 35% vote for a man who is directly opposed to doing so; who instead directly targets refugees, such as Mexicans, who need help. These Americans applaud his anti-refugee policy even while we know we need their labor, because our own people deem themselves too good to do the work the refugees gladly embrace.

      It is the outright ignorance of such of our people that causes them to be so directly in opposition to their own alleged beliefs. The same people are the first to support violence when their Leader proposes it. And then, the rest, who may possibly be more liberal and casual about their religious beliefs, stand by while the anti-refugee faction now disrupts government.

      “We,” the now majority, remain mostly silent, sitting in our houses before the TV or on the Internet, with our cars and all our other luxuries, with our really quite comfortable lives, and do not become active, but just sit and watch it all happen.

      The entire country ought to be out in the street protesting. Every last one of us.

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