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FROM MY CORNER:Who For President?

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One of my most loyal readers recently expressed the opinion that if I were a much younger man he would gladly vote for me as President.  Well, I must of course thank him for the compliment.

Had I been appropriately educated and socially positioned, I admit I would love to have run sometime for President.  It is a bully job and most who try for it don’t excite my fancy.

Let me, therefore, spell out what my initial campaign points would be if any group ever supported me for that high honor.

  1. I would pay 100% attention to Climate Warming: to the acute sensitivity required to assimilate ourselves with and within the Universe that houses us.

  1. As Commander in Chief, I would call for an immediate halt to Nuclear Weapon Manufacturing.

  1. While maintaining an even stronger, better trained, and less expensive military, I would introduce a planetwide media initiative attempting to engage all nations in discussing an international treaty outlawing War.

  1. I propose striving to gradually persuade all nations to divert our military funding to an international sharing of all nation’s life-supporting technology – and to use technology to trade among themselves the world’s assets rather than continuing to compete with our endless bloody Wars.

  1. We would focus the $$Trillions thereby saved upon the needs worldwide of the homeless and poverty-stricken, created by our present state of War-based politics and nationally self-centered economies.

  1. I would work to persuade the US to transform its profit-making medical industry into a non-profit one, bringing it closer into line with much of the rest of the developed nations, who generally seek health for all people rather than exorbitant financial gain.

  1. I would, upon my election, move the oval office and my housing to a giant military tent on the grounds of Pennsylvania Avenue, and transform the White House into a hospital and hospice for the presently homeless thousands of US Veterans the Defense Department abandons when through with them.

  1. I would sell about 10% of US land owned by government to presently landless poor, via a Lend-Lease program, so that all American citizens may share ownership of the country – not just the massively wealthy.

  1. I would broker a cooperative program between government and the corporate world to share all available jobs with all of the presently destitute and homeless, through job training programs and modest hourly reduction of present government and corporations’ employee’s jobs.


  1. (The government and corporate employees whose work and income would be lowered about 5% by this action, would be able to make up this small financial burden by selling $$Billions of dollars of their present assets currently housed in self-storage units nationwide, now invested in expensive real estate, and in defense stocks.)

  1. (We could redesign the storage units as temporary housing for the homeless while we

persuade the construction industry to build low-cost housing for them, using  

inexpensive prefabricated units presently wasted as the wealthy build their

multiple multi-$$ mansions.)   


  1. (We would use money saved by not paying me any presidential salary, because I    

  already have a Disabled Veterans Pension, which adequately serves my needs.)


  1. I would prefer we irritate Putin’s mind by bringing Ukraine now into NATO, so that he

  knows precisely whom he faces in his present “Special Military Action.” We would

                publicly notify him that NATO does not immediately foresee attacking him now as he

               engages Ukraine.

  1. NATO would formally request he cease his “Action,” thereby offering him a peaceful

   door to negotiations, while all NATO nations closely held themselves militarily alert to

                react to any further aggressive moves on his part.

  1. The US would inform all US religious  and political organizations that US law

requires total separation between religious and political organizations; and that further

  violation domestically of this will bring them into a court of law where the issue may be

               duly considered.

  1. (Through a plebiscite vote of the American public, A citizen’s legal committee would be formed to deliver religious organizations and the Supreme Court’s present “religious majority” before the committee.)


  1. The over-riding policy of my administration would be to always require non-violence over violence be used as the deciding factor instead of using religion as a scapegoat reason for mixing “Faith” and “Politics” and “War.”

  1. At this point, NATO would suggest to all religious persons and nations that they

 communally pray.

Since my education may not have properly prepared me for functioning within America’s present political Parameters, I suspect that these, my initial policies, will incur the concern of a variety of parties; and may require some adjustment.

So, if anyone wants to consider financing and supporting me for the 2024 election, let me assert that I am mildly flexible and open to rational suggestions regarding the fine tuning of these points I make here – as long as the Heart of my wishes is not compromised.



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