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FROM MY CORNER: The Free World’s Timidity

Howell Hurst American News, Corporate Avarice, Military Defense, War and Organized Mayhem

I believe that if NATO’s members had alerted their combined troops as Putin initially massed his forces, announcing to international media that they were going to block his Ukraine invasion, they would have successfully done so, preventing the present devastating results.

Putin – solely by his publicized Nuclear Threat – emasculated NATO’s and America’s influence on this war. It was his game changer. Because of it, thousands of Ukrainians – children, women, men, soldiers, and civilians – have been wantonly killed. Millions are homeless.

NATO’s and America’s reason for not having voted Ukraine as a member had been Ukraine’s historical corruption. However, had not their billionaires’ decades of investments in their own highly profitable nuclear industry demonstrated their intellectual corruption?

Has not their billionaires’ relentless collaborative international promotion of the concept of nuclear deterrence now come home to roost? Has it not provided Putin the means to hold the entire free world hostage? May we not reasonably wonder what our trillions of annual dollars Intelligence and Nuclear-based Defense budgets have bought us?

It is vitally important how this war ends. Most nations agree that Putin must become obsolete. However, via their PR press they are so busy being outraged at him that they do not discuss the underlying cause of their timid military response to his bloody escapade. NATO must publicly and unambiguously acknowledge Putin’s nuclear threat. It is the undiscussed elephant in the concurrently raging media PR battle.

Further, and distinctly relevant, as we citizens attempt to investigate news of Ukraine, we are barraged with infantile corporate cartoon advertisements begging us to spend more money. While this war rages, NATO’s and America’s billionaires persistently focus on their pursuit of profits

Do we dare keep our luxury-loving economy focused on our corporations’ addiction to promoting increased consumption? Corporate America, particularly, demonstrates little if any sensitivity to how disgusting their ads are, surrounded by the vivid pictures of hundreds of murdered Ukrainian children and civilians.

If NATO and America do not begin to assume the initiative and dominate this war, the consequences are going to be dangerous for the future of Europe, America, and all nations who consider themselves members of the free world.

Ukraine is not another war we can afford to lose. This is a real military battle we must competently help Ukraine win on the ground in real time right now.  It is past time we got on with it.

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