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FROM MY CORNER: Will Someone Answer Me?

Howell Hurst American News, Military Defense

With a 40-mile single-file convoy of Russian troops about to crush Ukraine, why don’t the NATO members vote to acknowledge Ukraine as its newest member? And identify which of their many military units they are preparing to send to help Zelensky?

I know the immediate response I’ll likely get from my readers: that this will greatly increase the stakes of this war and tempt Putin to fire off his first nuclear weapon. My response is that this war has already been raised by Putin to the highest possible level.

This is a Putin attack on the entire free world. The stakes cannot get any higher. We need to make distinctly clear to him that he is inviting the active collaboration of all members of NATO.

Ukraine needs an immediate defensive blockade. We need to create it. That is what President Kennedy created to put a very fine point on Russia’s placement of nuclear weapons in Cuba. It is appropriate for the present Ukraine situation.

Do I recognize Putin might actually fire off one nuclear blast?

Yes, but I don’t think he is as mentally isolated as that. The sanctions have got him off balance. His own wealthy oligarch buddies are already stating clearly they do not support his invasion of Ukraine. His own people are against him, plus most of the rest of the world.

I believe America and NATO and their allies must recognize that this war of Putin’s is a total world game changer. Climate change can sit aside for a short time. So can Covid. So can inflation. The opportunity to block Putin is that long, 40-mile military convoy of his.

America and NATO need to establish they have the combined ability to remain inside Ukraine,  dominate the air space over the Eastern Ukraine border, and can quickly place marines and soldiers with equipment in to handle Putin’s vulnerable ground troops.

A gamble? Yes. But Putin is about to accomplish his irrational goal and take over Ukraine. He may very likely kill Zelensky. This needs to be stopped. The free world cannot afford to let Putin win this irrational venture.

Please feel free to send me your warnings of nuclear war and your objections to the free world standing up now to Putin in the one way he understands. I’ll gladly print them, or simply quote them without identifying you personally.

But I think this debate needs to be conducted this very moment.


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