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FROM MY CORNER: Are Covid Vaccines Safe?

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As a veteran, I receive all my medical needs from Veterans Administration Hospitals. And receive lengthy printed documents describing the sources of VA vaccines. Recently, as I received my Pfizer booster shot, I received one whose information impacts the “vaccination vs no vaccine” debate.

Acquaintances of mine “against vaccines” have cited to me cases of people taking Covid Vaccines and having negative results. I do not doubt such results may occur. I wonder, however, if those administering these vaccine first consulted the vaccine manufacturers’ distributed warnings about their products.

Pfizer, among others, points out the precise ingredients of their vaccines. They clearly and strongly advise and warn everyone taking the vaccines to protect themselves against any possible reactions by first determining whether they have any allergies to any of the vaccines’ ingredients. If so, they are told Not to take the vaccines.

I wonder, therefore, if the few reported having had serious allergic reactions actually made this determination? Or did those administering the vaccines advise them to make this determination? Further, I wonder how many people actually did have allergic reactions? I did not receive this figure, so cannot comment.

It is important to compare the numbers tested before the vaccinations were approved with the actual numbers having allergic reactions. We know that 23,000 individuals 12 years of age and older received at least 1 dose in clinical trials before the vaccines were authorized

And since their authorization, some 65 million Americans have been vaccinated without allergic reactions. Almost universally the data accumulated by the most credible sources, such as Johns Hopkins Hospital, document that taking the vaccines is vital to defend against Covid.

It is equally clear that a compelling majority of people still becoming afflicted with Covid, have Not taken vaccines. Put simply: those Not taking vaccines are the ones still suffering under Covid. Those taking vaccines are avoiding the suffering.

If anyone out there knows how many have actually experienced serious allergic reactions, and can document the source of their data, I would appreciate hearing from them. Then we may compare that figure to the 65 million not having experienced such reactions.

These numbers will help us judge which side of the argument can most responsibly justify their position.

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