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Dateline Las Vegas . . .

20 December 2021

Many of the problems we Americans complain about have been caused by the USA. We have consumed 60% of the world’s production of goods and services since the end of World War II., 1945. We have exported our business model planetwide and marketed it successfully.

The American name is everywhere in Western Europe. The rest of the entire world, I don’t know; I’ve not seen the entire world. But in France, Greece,  throughout the rest of the European Union, and in the East it is similar. Its Democracy is still admired worldwide, although politically contested.

One might argue that it is time for American corporate profits to begin to be carefully reinvested in many ventures. America is still financially more stable than most any other national economy. If it wants to prove its inherent value over the concept of socialism, it is time for it to put its money where its mouth is.

At the forefront is the financial gain to be acquired if we stop wasting so many valuable resources. There remain $ Millions to be mined out of our landfills. The financial excesses of American capitalism are astounding. Americans’ self-storage containers are bursting with over-spending.

With notable exceptions, American Capitalism, as exemplified by its current corporate leaders, still predominantly appears to be more intent on the glamorization of its leaders, corporate notoriety, and short-term profits than on serving actual human needs.

World businesses and governments might heed that, although much of the world temporarily bows to Capitalism, the converse is equally true: Capitalism depends on much of the world. Eventually, seven billion people on the planet are its potential world market.

We are the workers; we are the consumers; we are Capitalism’s customers.

A  Capitalism focused only on short-term corporate profits rather than the long-term needs of human beings is a self-injuring financial model. Self-destructive possibly. The presently tenuous social disarray speaks to this. Its political divide shouts it out.

Rather than America‘s Democracy presently being on the verge of death, however, I propose it is bloodily holding its own. American’s philosophical and political divide is Democracy in action. Its anarchical tendency is the same.

We may be stumbling on our way, but I believe we are far from losing our Democracy. I believe we are testing it. We may not like it, but Democracy is a rugged road to roam. If we lose common agreement of its long-term goals it might become endangered. But, I suspect that our present unease is the germinating seed to a hesitantly emerging new renaissance.

Any other badly bruised optimists still out there?


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