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FROM MY CORNER: Nice Report #3: Get lost!

Howell Hurst Uncategorized

NICE REPORT #3: 9/25,2021


Slow. Calm. Inexpensive. Tranquil. Peaceful. Un-stressful. Contented.


This is Nice, France.


Actually, I’ve decided not to go into any more detail about how human, humane, and rational Nice is. If I do, many of you will inevitably and eventually visit and start buying up all the reasonably priced properties and ruining Nice for everyone.


You will only totally f__k it up!


That, quite simply stated, is the American way of life. Don’t come! Don’t even visit on vacation! I will not loan you a couch in my reasonably-priced studio. Stay where you are. Dig in. Believe the bull-shit myth that American corporate capitalism feeds you about our Exceptionalism. If I meticulously inform you of the facts of living here, you will invade and destroy us.

I want to safeguard this place for the tiny handful of Americans and others who have found it and understand how vital it is that we keep the rest of you ignorant.


Bugger off!












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