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FROM MY CORNER: Biden Missed Basic ROTC 101

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How did Biden so horribly mismanage his abrupt withdrawal from Afghanistan?

When I was in Reserve Officers Training Corps in college, it was made piercingly clear that when a U.S. Army force withdraws from combat it will carefully plan how to extract all military equipment.

The press video reports  the $Billions of U.S. military equipment left behind for the Taliban to use or sell. The photos show dozens and dozens of Humvees that cost ½ $Million each. Rockets, rifles, pistols, drones, more $Billions of our equipment now falling directly into the hands of the Taliban.

While our U.S. Economy is fundamentally based on our Defense Manufacturing, Biden erratically orders Afghanistan evacuated without adequate planning. The results we have all seen on TV, on the Internet, and will read in print. This is not a little thing. We all have paid for this. We will continue to pay as our Military/Industrial Complex most likely immediately starts rebuilding new equipment to replace that left behind.

How can one explain such a disastrous result?

Neither Trump nor Biden had the presence of mind to carefully plan our withdrawal from Afghanistan. The human sacrifices that are now being made and will continue to be made will continue. It appears that the minds behind the U.S. Military are so bogged down in the politics and the profits of our military economy that they have abandoned any capacity for managing it rationally.

I voted for Mr. Biden. However, this is a major boondoggle on his part. Looking forward, I envision the next Presidential Election as being vital. Trump will likely show up. And Commander-In-Chief Biden will have to pull off some sort of incredible feat to forgive his military inadequacy.

Perhaps we should vote him back into college where he can take ROTC.

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