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FROM MY CORNER: A Rational Idea

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Have you ever considered why the United States never proposes to all nations of the world how utterly ridiculous they all are sustaining profit-making defense businesses?

Our government, and all other nations’ governments, promote and financially support profit-making businesses manufacturing weapons of mass destruction. They literally insure that defense manufacturing is the most profitable business of our and their economy.

Does any leader of any nation ever forcefully suggest how utterly illogical and self-destructive it is to incentivize war? Does any American leader, including the present one, ever propose that the trillions of planetary national defense dollars be converted instead to solving and managing the many dangerous problems confronting the world?

I have read somewhere that whenever any leader ever even contemplated making defense a non-profit venture, they were persuaded everyone would think them crazy and run them out of office. Apparently no one has ever even considered proposing that all countries discuss operating their defense industries on a non-profit basis.

If they did so, I suspect we would find many patriotic defense contractors would go into other businesses. They might, for instance, go into the business of mitigating the mounting costly problems of climate change. They might divert some of their investments into recovering our tens of thousands of homeless Veterans, training them, and placing them in jobs.

They might create international coalitions to train homeless Refugees, and place them in jobs created by corporations sharing available work with them. Our own government, the largest landowner of the United States, might make available to our retrained homeless some of the millions of acres of presently uninhabited property.

There is enough unused land in America to provide every non-landed American a plot to build a home on. This land could be made available through very long-term, extremely low-cost loans so that even low-paid workers could literally own a personal piece or America.

What is to stop such an initiative happening? Nothing, but the lack of creative imagination of profit-hypnotized financial business moguls and politicians.

Our present capitalist business model focuses only on profits. Little thought is applied to promoting the concept of sustaining our species as a rational goal. Why does no one suggest that, in addition to profits, corporations must have as a fundamental business goal also their financial contribution to the sustenance of our entire population? Surely, nearly 100% of all Americans and all other nations’ citizens would heartily support such an initiative.

If anyone could seriously suggest all nations start publicly discussing among themselves the rational gradual diversion of trillions of dollars of defense dollars to clearly life-sustaining ventures, it would be Joe Biden.  He has a life-long history of politically supporting profit-making credit cards and other such ventures. The corporate world essentially trusts him..

Why could he not be the American leader to propose to all nations’ leaders that they regularly meet and seriously explore the entirely rational concept of altering their defense industries to at least non-profit, life-sustaining business models.

I like this idea. How about you?

If you like it too, write back to me. If not, write and tell me why.


PS: I’ve emailed President Biden a copy of this commentary at The White House. If any of his team gets back to me about the idea, I’ll let you know. If you support the idea, I’ll let him know.

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