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FROM MY CORNER: Evictions! Evictions! Evictions!

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Several million Americans, who’ve lost jobs because of the pandemic, are about to be evicted from their apartments and homes. The House voted $50 Billion to hold these evictions off.

However, the present administration will not OK this benefit to renters, mortgage holders, and landlords. Mr. Trump allocates billions to a new Space warfare program, while the defense department loses hundreds of billions annually to cost over-runs.

It is so easy to spend billions more on our military, which is already more expensive than the next eight nations of the world. It was easy to spend a few millions blocking Central American refugees with our military. It was so easy to cut short aid to Puerto Rico Americans, who have yet to recover.

Our ages-old homeless problem is about to multiply exponentially. Families will be cast into the streets literally by several million. And now, the pandemic is increasing, rather than decreasing.

Nothing destroys a nation’s spirit like corruption of the people’s values by those entrusted with their leadership.

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