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FROM MY CORNER: Yes, Joe Biden

Howell Hurst 2020 Presidential Election, Consumerism, Defining Trump, People, Poverty, Presidential Election, Trump

It’s a no brainer. Joe Biden, like all people and certainly all politicians, has his faults. But one thing is crystal clear: he’ll be a far more competent president than Donald Trump.

Why? One word says it. “Humanism.”

Joe likes people. He always has. You might call it his weakness. But, the thing is this: most all of us ordinary people like people. We’re mostly all a lot of softies. Even several of the once radical Trump fake conservatives. They even hug their families too.

Joe’s not above some practical politics, though; that’s for sure. He’s been in the back pocket of the U.S. Credit Card Industry for years. No one’s been more closely a promoter of credit for consumers than Joe. That’s a verifiable fact. Check it out for yourself.

I personally wish he hadn’t been so much a credit card pusher. My preference is that we addicted consumers only buy what we need with cash we earn. I think we should only use credit when we’ve slipped up, mismanaged our money, and are forced by our own ineptitude to bail ourselves out of our over-consuming appetite

However, Joe’s credit card industry support shows he still really believes in the old fashioned idea of capitalism. He certainly still thinks even poor people ought to be able to borrow extra cash now and then. And even start small businesses, of course.

Yes, he too has definitelly bought into our greedy excessive consumer economy. But, haven’t we all, for the most part? Our outside rental storage bins are crammed with billions of dollars of stuff we really didn’t need. A lot of it bought with credit cards. Not terribly smart, actually.

However, Joe still retains his too-soft-hearted-thing for people. He has a tangible ability to judge when people really feel they need something. It’s a lot of his appeal that politically he tries to cater to that weakness we all share. To our emotional Achille’s heel. Not with malice, though. Which differs him from D.Trump and friends.

It’s interesting by the way in the present political campaign, that his virus-imposed silence may be his best tool to beat Trump at the ballot box. Because he’s already had decades to show us he’s largely a pretty regular kind of guy. We know it intrinsically. It’s just who he is.

He says goofy things all the time. His anger can be brought to the top by a simple personal confrontation with someone he disagrees with.  Hey, don’t all us softies do both of these ourselves all the time? Come on. Admit it. I do. You do. We all do.

That’s part of what is likely to win him this election. Oh, Kamala will help. But Joe’s simple roughness, his ordinariness, is what America wants right now, I think. It’s what we need emotionally.

We’ve had four years of a narcissistic sociopath, a self-centered money-prostitute with a detailed, documented record of sleazy real estate financial deals. We’ve tried a fake president, who identified a financially vulnerable political constituency and sold them a scam.

He told people who’d lost their incomes when our manufacturing tanked, that he’d protect them against brown skinned immigrants who wanted to take their jobs. He oozed unctuous fake piety and sold fundamentalist Christians that he was almost the second coming: their modern new savior. And they bought it. Hook, line – and the sinker: his waving Bible.

But now, over 55+% of American voters in poll over poll countrywide say they’ll be backing ordinary old Joe in November. And the black, brown, Native American, Asian vote is probably secure because of Kamala Harris.

You may be doubtful about Mr. Biden. But I’m not.

Give me faulty, common, mistake-prone Joe. I’ve had all of the arch confidence man I can stand: this paranoid who has even blocked our really quite efficient post office to help him continue his slippery swindle.

Lock Trump up?

Hell no. Let’s just ship him back to his slippery real estate scams and permit a new justice system to repeatedly confront him legally during Joe’s administration. Maybe they’ll lock him up.

A new electorate with Kamala is on the way following Joe’s years. Demographically, America is – with lightning speed – becoming browner and blacker and other exotic off-white shades. That’s very soon going to massively change everything.

In the meantime, if you’re not quite sure precisely how I feel, let me repeat it.

Joe’s got my vote. So does Kamala.

Have a nice Sunday.

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