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FROM MY CORNER: Trump, The Art Critic

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Say, it’s really wonderful!

Donald has begun to define our art for us. He suggests we retain old Confederate pro-slavery statues and even build new ones. And he orders: they be neither abstract nor modernist art.

Let’s help him with this.

Let’s suggest he also create a new traveling art show named after what Hitler called his 1937 art show; Adolph called the art he didn’t like: “Entartete Kunst.” In English that’s “Decadent Art.”

If The Don expands his artistic vision and includes books and music in his new show, in one fell swoop he can define everything appropriate for America.  Imagine it. If he selects the world’s past abstract and modernist painters, writers, and musicians – and by executive order bans them, this will get rid of all our decadent artists.

If he only let’s Hitler’s personal choices guide him, he can get rid of:

            Marc  Chagall.

            Henri Matisse.

             Pablo Picasso.

            Vincent van Gogh.

As for writers, using Hitler’s taste, he can also ban the following books:

            Hemingway’s, “The Sun Also Rises” and “A Farewell to Arms.”

            H.G. Wells, “War of The Worlds.”

            James Joyce’s, “Ulysses.”

            Tolstoy’s, “War and Peace.”

            Vladimir Nobakov’s, “Lolita.”

            Erich Maria Remarque’s, “All Quiet on The Western Front.”

And, although Hitler hadn’t anything to say about our modern and abstract rock and roll and jazz tunes, we can surely imagine the Don will be glad to send packing such decadent tune smiths as:

            The Beatles

            The Rolling Stones

            Credence Clearwater Revival


            Bob Dylan

            Joan Baez

      Plus, all our Jazz and Popular Artists

            Miles Davis

            Dizzy Gillespie

            John Coltrane

            Thelonious Monk

            Ella Fitzgerald

            Frank Sinatra

            Lady Gaga

If Mr. Trump can really get on his high horse and pull off such a 21st Century decadent art show, that may help him fend off Mr. Biden’s campaign and assure us of a purified and almost virginal new Trump decade.

Come on, everyone get on this bandwagon. It’s obviously the next new Capitalistic Thing.

            Let’s hear it for our new art critic:

            Hip Hip, Huh?  Hip Hip Huh?  Hip Hip Huh?

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