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FROM MY CORNER: Bible Lesson

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It would require a fortuitously profound leap of faith to imagine a more disgusting public gaffe than the spectacle just created by our stalwart leader, Mr. Trump.

He confronts a large group of peaceful activists protesting police violence, his boys in blue fire rubber bullets and tear gas into the crowd causing utter mayhem, he pompously marches to the nearest Christian church, and hoists a Bible by his face.

How can one imagine such insensitivity? The man’s cognitive malfunctioning is astounding. His response to peaceful protestors with the threat of military dominance could not in any stronger fashion more oppose the precepts of Christianity which he claims to believe in.

He is either an utter hypocrite or he is just mentally unbalanced.  The most articulate and heartfelt words I have heard have come from the Bishop of the Episcopal church Trump stood before when he waved his Bible.

She in a lengthy talk with a reporter disputed Trump’s alleged Christian viewpoint, essentially dismissing his supposed Christianity as directly opposed to true Christian values.

I address this issue not as a believer in the existence of an actual god living somewhere in an outer space heaven, but in the full support of the Bishop who so fervently expressed the historical idea that God is Love.

Who can argue against the concept that Love is in direct opposition to the strange display Mr. Trump made yesterday hoisting a Bible while his police force shot rubber bullets and tear gas into the protesters.

Mr. Trump calling for military action against the protesters while in such a ridiculous way positioning himself before a Christian church? It doesn’t get more bizarre than that.

An article on the Internet today documents that some 60% of American Catholics voted for Mr. Trump, and that over 80% of evangelicals passionately support him. What form of logic do these people draw on for their loyalty to the man is beyond one’s ability to comprehend.

One does not have to believe an actual god exists to see that the philosophical concepts of Christianity hold far more than a grain of truth. Nonviolence and universal affection, plus respect, are the foundation stones of anyone’s sense of humanity.

How America’s Christians form up the most basic group of Trump’s allies confounds belief. What can their faith be built on? Are they supporting him in the hope that their political loyalty will save him from himself?

Do unto others as you would be done unto? Ye verily; I’m all for that.

If I were Mr. Trump, I would pray that the Christian electorate will help send me back to the real estate business in November, so I can stop trying to pretend to the presidency.


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