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FROM MY CORNER: Saving Fake Capitalist Corporations

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150,000,000 (One hundred fifty million): the approximate number of people estimated to starve to death on the earth over the next year if they are not assisted.

150,000,000 (One hundred fifty million): the approximate number of people who could be fed by the 50% of food that Americans presently throw away while it is still edible.

$5,318,000,000,000 (Five Trillion, 318 billion dollars): the approximate accumulated worldwide corporate profits sitting in banks.

0.0010%: the percent of the corporation’s accumulated profits that could buy and ship now wasted food to the world’s starving. The total cost of all this might double to about 0.0020% of the corporations’ accumulated profits. What if the total cost  actually became 10% of their accumulated profits? They’d still have 90% in reserve.

American farmers and ranchers are presently throwing away milk, beef, and other produce and meats because the capitalist economy’s food processing plants are working at greatly reduced rates during the pandemic.

Instead, farmers and corporations could collaborate and use their workers (operating from home) to plan and administer the movement of the now lost foods to the starving.

Why should corporations consider my plan?

Well, it would insure the alleged believing Christian officers of the corporations go to heaven instead of hell when they die. How could this idea turn into a “Godsend” for the corporate leaders?

It would provide them a massive new labor force, which could be put to work at low cost. What specifically might they then do with this labor force? The corporations could organize training to put all these saved people to work in their businesses.

This would greatly reduce the hours all people need to work to be clothed, fed, housed, and medically secured. It would increase the world’s “consumer base” by the 150,000,00, and put to work the 35,000,000 Trump followers who claim they are not earning enough money.

Where would we put the 150,000,000 presently starving?

Why not position them geographically into revitalizing small towns where the corporations could create smaller individualized production facilities of services and commodities to be sold to the now enlarged worldwide consumer base?

All of this would not only solve the persistent worldwide famine. It would likely increase petroleum consumption to the point that the oil industry could again start earning reasonable profits.

Of course, most corporate officers now receiving multimillion and billion dollar financial packages might find their board of directors reduce their income to that of ordinary people instead of like Czars and Emperors, and Greek Gods.

Would there be problems to be solved along the way? Of course. But a fraction of the accumulated profits corporations have earned over the past few years would be put back to work to create a self-sustaining world economy.

So, to recap: we shift the world’s capital from promoting overconsumption and wasting physical resources and people to, instead, adjusting our economy to a frugal use of capital and saving people. We invest in the world’s most valuable asset, its people, instead of over-exploiting resources.

Would you prefer we return to our war-torn, over-consumptive world, where nations spend trillions on weapons and mass murder of one another’s soldiers, women, and children?

Anybody out there like to help put my plan together?

Know any preachers who might like to suggest such an idea to their rich congregations? Got any honest politicians hiding in some corners who might join in? How about ultra-rich corporate officers with fertile imaginations: know if any of those still exist?

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