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If this virus does not persuade Americans of the need for a national health care system, what will? The unlimited profit margins of our existing health care industry have financially disintegrated some American families, created many homeless, and  literally killed some American citizens unable to afford health insurance.

If we required our current unlimited profit health care industry to work on a limited profit margin (10%?), it would free up all Americans of millions of dollars of unnecessary expenses.

As a government/corporate collaboration now keeps so much of the workforce precariously positioned regarding their financial and health security, this is unacceptable. It would be largely preventable by a nationalized health care system.

Contrary to conservative dogma, other international health care systems do not mandate low pay for doctors and medical workers. They do, however, limit profits that drug companies and other medical manufacturers may earn.

If our medical industry officers demand they earn massive profits to satisfy their psychological need for wealth and luxury, might they not wish, instead, to go into other businesses? And might we not demand they do so?

Buckminster Fuller, the famous design scientist, commonly said the main problem facing the human race is that it remains largely ignorant of the tangible facts that either support or endanger our planetary existence.

It remains to be seen whether people will learn from this virus experience how destructive the gargantuan disparity is between the massively wealthy and the poor.

Obsession with profit rather than safeguarding the fragile human race largely dictates how we manage the present virus pandemic. Retaining a future profit-based health care system makes little sense – except to the medical & insurance moguls.

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