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FROM MY CORNER: Journalism & Autocracy

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Two articles in the most recent edition of The New York Review of Books offer unique perspectives on the current political condition of the United States.

One is entitled: Can Journalism Be Saved; the other is called: Whatever He Wants. The answer about journalism is left wide open with a strong tinge of pessimism. The second, about Trump’s triumph in the U.S. Senate’s rejection of evidence in his impeachment trial, is beyond pessimism.

Each article is so well thought out and written that one wishes all of America’s voters would read them. However, since the total readership of the Review of Books is about 250,000 (0.0007% of all voters) this is highly unlikely.

The easier article to read is, Whatever He Wants.  “He,” of course, is Trump. The commentary is written by a very clean-thinking crafter of words. Fintan O’Toole is a political and literary columnist with The Irish Times. He is one of the few journalists on the planet with a truly discerning critical mind.

I hope, of course, I am one of these too; I try. And with this hope firmly implanted in my belly button, permit me to continue. I make my point about Mr. O’Toole’s illuminating journalism because he is courageous enough to call Mr. Trump what he he is: a fledgling Fascist.

The U.S. Senate’s rejection of factual evidence and witness testimony defines Mr. O’Toole’s assertion. No counter claim by the Senate majority obliterates the simple fact they blocked concrete relevant enlightenment about Mr. Trump’s dialogue with Ukraine.

But a more important point goes missing in this recent example of Mr. Trump’s admiration of Fascistic tactics. That point is that some 33 million Americans are unable to acknowledge his corrupt sense of Democracy.

The crux of the problem is that Trump is first and foremost a take-no-prisoners  Capitalist Fascist. That is an entirely new breed of political animal. We’ve not had one of these in America before. Mr. O’Toole is one of the few journalists with the intellectual integrity to document this fact in distinct Irishly-accented English.

American journalists cautiously avoid making this point because they are fearful of outright calling a spade a spade.  O’Toole is not. The real problem, however, is that 1/3rd of all Americans are either stupid or ignorant. I don’t think they are stupid; I do think they are ignorant. I may be too conciliatory.

I blame American corporate capitalism for their ignorance. So does O’Toole. He understands that the Americans who fall at Mr. Trump’s feet want a savior. They yearn for a symbolic hero to justify such admiration. They do this rather than thinking through how their nature and behavior financially impact others. Having a dubious messiah saves them the intellectual effort necessary to arrive at a logical conclusion.

They confuse Danish-like socialistically-supported Capitalism, which could assist so many people, with Communism. An aberrant conclusion, of course. What they need is an education. That includes the captains of American capitalism. One dare not confuse capitalistic fervor with meaningful education. It does not work.

I suggest you google Fintan O’Toole and read some of this unambiguous Irish writer’s words for a fresh perspective on America. You will find it time well spent.

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