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FROM MY CORNER, Trump is The issue

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Donald Trump is The Political Issue of the 2020 presidential election.

Most Democratic candidates have defined some other issue as their main thrust: his climate change denial, blocking immigration, bashing Islamism, fundamental racism, increased nuclear spending, environmental degradation, corporate tax largesse, Obama Care opposition, Saudi Arabia coziness, the Yemen war and its subsequent child starvation, child separation from refugee parents, insulting allies – among a few hundred other unquestionably and utterly bizarre items.

But the real issue remains Trump himself.


Because all of the others are simply the abnormal products of his aberrant, erratic, fevered, self-obsessed, narcissistic mind.  Remove that freakish mind from the scene and replace it with an at-least-mildly rational one, and ninety-nine percent of the grotesque U. S. behavior on the world stage will revert to a semblance of order and common sense.

It amazes me the almost general acceptance of this singularly odd personality by our American culture as being relatively passable – just a little odd, just a bit peculiar, a tad strange, somewhat off kilter, slightly indescribable, and uniquely eccentric.

I believe the man is mentally unbalanced. His personal paranoia is palpably apparent in every word he says, in every action he takes, in his endlessly peculiar behavior. His grasping of his body with his encircled arms are the sign of a highly defensive personality.

He rarely smiles. He struts like Mussolini did. He looks down at every person. You never see him calmly looking anyone directly and warmly in the eye. His every individualistic tic and trait is that of a deeply frightened man determined to beat the hell out of anyone and everyone who does not accept him as a superior human being.

I think he is the most dangerous legally-authorized world leader on the planet. I think most world leaders think so too – accept, of course, for the other curious, cranky, quirky, preposterous, ridiculous, indescribable malcontents ignominiously in charge of their countries. Duarte of the Philippines, Kim of North Korea, the political-enemy-assassinating Putin of Russia, Recep Erdogan, the scowlingTurkish leader, al-Assad, the Syrian war monger, plus the Saudi Prince of darkness.

This is not a personal matter of dislike by me of Mr.Trump. If he had not identified thirty million other desperate Americans in need of a fake savior, I would just write  him off as a fatuous, vacuous, money whore with no human sensibilities beyond his self-obsessed greed.

But, that’s not the case here. When he recently vetoed the vote of the House and the Senate to withdraw American military aid to the Yemen war that has produced hundreds of thousands, or is it millions? of starving children, I lost any faint taint of respect I might have allowed the man.

No, there is no rational justification for him. He demands to be voted out of office and sent packing to his former ignominious real estate scams. Anyone who does not see through his power-obsessed egomania, his conceited, swell-headed, vainglorious infatuation with himself is, in my opinion, also a questionable personality.

The one third of all Americans who admire this man are in total mental opposition to the two-thirds who intrinsically know how dangerous he is to our culture, to our perception of reality, to our most fundamental sense of what constitutes right thinking about the world.

He has got to be voted out.

In case you have not yet quite got how I feel about the matter, you may reach me via the Contact page of my website: I will gladly go into more colorful detail with you in person. I’ll passionately do so by phone or over a cup of coffee in some congenial Java emporium of your choice. I’ll enthusiastically give a speech on the subject to your local Rotary, Masons, Moose Club, Library, School, Business, or Peacefully-Subversive Political Group.

Buckminster Fuller said before he died that the problem with people is their addiction to ignorance.


Until next time,






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