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FROM MY CORNER: A Woman to Watch

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It looks like the presidential race may be quite a street fight this year. Even some Republicans think they may challenge Mr. T. for the oval office. That’s a good sign to my way of thinking. Should another Republican win, hopefully he/she will at least not be an egomaniac.

However, the Democrats are potentially positioned to win. The Internet says there are over 15 who are, or may, be running. I’m not going to cover all of them here. One, however, seems very articulate.

That’s Kamala Harris from California. I’ve only seen her speak one time, on Rachel Maddow’s show. She is obviously a very bright woman. She has been San Francisco’s District Attorney, California’s Attorney General, and is a California Senator.

She is openly an ambitious politician. Fine, but what strikes me from hearing her speak one time only is that she does not appear to be an ideologically driven woman. There are no dreamy stars in her eyes.

As an attorney, prosecutor, attorney general, and senator she obviously is well read, and capable of dealing with complex information and keeping it straight in her mind. After Donald Trump, that would be a miraculous change of scene.

One criticism I have heard is that she is allegedly accused by some of having slept with Willy Brown, the former Mayor of San Francisco. That observation sounds like the common Christian criticism that too frequently equates sex with sin.

Given that sex has kept the human race going for a few million years, I do not take such criticism seriously. Like Europeans, I accept sexuality as the most normal activity in the universe. It comes in many forms. None of which deserve religious or political input.

And if you are a woman candidate for president, I’d say sleeping with a pro politician like Will Brown would be a valuable learning experience. The old fellow is probably a pretty avid lover too.

I think Ms. Harris is a woman to watch. She has a winning way about her that rings of mental competency. I’m not yet a convinced supporter, and am not proposing you be so either. Not yet. It’s too early in the campaign.

But – following four years of D. Trump, I am quite sure that when 2020 arrives we are going to want someone in the White House who has some intellectual capacity and is not a self-obsessed, narcissistic egomaniac.

I don’t see Harris as egocentric. She’s analytical, articulate, and without a chip on her shoulder. She seems to me to be a warmer personality than Trump or Senator Warren, and does not obsess about ephemeral love as Senator Booker does.

I don’t think love is the primary thing required to manage one of the most complex governments in the world. Respect for people is more important, a trait that entirely eludes Trump. Harris strikes me as a woman who respects people.

She exhibits brains, common sense, and a formidable straightforwardness.

Very appealing. A woman to watch.

Until next time,


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