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FROM MY CORNER: A Letter from Margie Kepler McCormick

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Margie took to heart my request to write the publisher of The New York Times– and flew with it! May it inspire all of you to do the same. Become a political activist! Strike a blow for dissenting mischief! Let Mr. Sulzberger know you think he ought to report on at least one independent presidential protest candidate with silver hair.

By the way, Margie asked me to say hello to all of you. Now, here’s her letter:


                                                                        Margie McCormick

                                                                        217 Booth Street, Apt. 216

                                                                        Gaithersburg, MD 20878

Mr. A, G. Sulzberger

Publisher, The New York Times

620 Eighth Avenue

New York, NY 10018

ccDean Baquet, Executive Editor

Dear Messrs. Sulzberger & Baquet:

I am asking you to consider the letters sent to you by Howell Hurst in his quest to publish an account of an ordinary person’s campaign for the presidency. I believe it would make an interesting human interest/politically informative series.

Mr. Hurst is not really an ordinary person, in my opinion from the email messages he has sent over the past few years. He is a former captain in U.S. Army Intelligence; a successful businessman, and a long-time observer of what has been called the human condition.

Mr. Hurst’s attempts to begin a presidential campaign have met with roadblocks; he calls the process a “closed shop” Although in my opinion it is obvious he hasn’t a chance of winning any election – he is not well-known and has never help public office – he has some interesting proposals for how to improve our society and his insights and ideas should be heard. Or read, in your “newspaper of record.”

Please at least reply to Mr. Hurst’s last letter, wherein he gives his Resume, Bibliography, and Premises of My Candidacy.” See also


                        Margie McCormick


Until next time,


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