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FROM MY CORNER: Serous or Humorous Presidential Candidacy

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Some readers have asked if, in mounting this writer’s candidacy, I am applying to the local insane asylum for membership. That’s a good question. It’s quite simple, actually. I think anyone who’s reached my age in America as a self-employed small business person would be a better president than the one we’ve got.

That said, of course there needs to be a dash of humor in the effort. Satire is one of my favorite literary genres – and the fellow presently in charge of the White House deserves all of that commodity we can give him.

There are those, of course, who think he should himself apply to the above house of mental detention. I will not stoop so low as to give you my opinion on that subject. I will say only in all honesty, that I believe were I – or you – able to attain the Pennsylvania Avenue address we would bring more rationality and common sense to the job than the real estate mogul with an endless list of legally dubious past escapades.

To give you a touch of my sense of sanity, please note regarding Defense and Military the following thoughts: As a former Captain of  U.S. Army Intelligence, I would find a man like General Mattis, who just resigned in disgust, a fine Secretary of Defense.

He was once found at 3AM by a guard of the unit he was Commander of, in a foxhole on the front lines of Afghanistan, with two of his enlisted grunt Marines, so he could personally experience what they were having to endure in their duty. That’s my kind of General.

Nonetheless, I think it is time America started an intensely serious and seriously persistent effort to engage all national leaders in regular major conferences to discuss the utterly rational move of diverting the trillions of dollars they all spend on defense to peaceful life-supporting endeavors.

However, until that happens, I would use our Intelligence apparatus vigorously, and would work to lean down our weapons of mass destruction, particularly Nuclear, which is a suicidal thing to spend more money on.

We’re not really fighting a World War II type battle; we’re dealing with some guerilla-styled, uneducated, allegedly-religious hooligans who are actually political opportunists without a clue what it means to be a human being.

We need many small mobile units capable of moving quickly into contact with many diversely-distributed jihadist fanatics, who’ve been identified by many clever cunning undercover intelligence agents whom we have had infiltrate their ranks. Such a military would be far less expensive and far more effective.

To end with a vain attempt at a dash of satirical humor: if elected, I will work to round up all the world’s jihadist thugs and penalize them by making them bunk with Mr. Trump for a few years in a maximum security housing arrangement, where they could drive one another crazy.

Otherwise, I’ll continue to support Thomas Jefferson’s first law of religious freedom for Virginia, that states America does not require its citizens to support any religious belief  whatsoever, especially not connected with government – but are free to work out whatever belief they are intellectually capable of, so long as it does not harm others.

That’s my report for today.

Until next time,


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