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FROM MY CORNER, Update: Presidential Candidacy

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I’ve finally figured out how to do this candidacy thing. I’ll write a book describing it. About all the trouble it is to do it – all the difficulties of fighting the establishment that controls the Presidential campaign process. And you can help me.

See, the thing is, it’s a closed shop. They won’t let an ordinary American who’s not rich run for the Presidency. And the important thing is: wouldn’t you like to see an ordinary American run for the office? I thought you might. So, pay attention. I need your help.

Here and now I’m going to report to you how it’s been going – and I’m going to ask you to help by writing a letter to The New York Times. That’s right. The New York Times. Why? Because I sent a press notice to the Times, The Washington Post, The New Republic, and the online news service

 What was the result? Why, nothing of course. They all ignored me. I sent them all a copy of my Resume,my writing Bibliography, and – most importantly – a one page document of the Premises of My Candidacy: what I would stand for as President.

And no one said a mumbling word. Not a letter back, no phone call, not even a post card. And that’s where you come in. I’m not asking you to support my being President. I just want you to tell The New York Times publisher, A. G. Sulzberger, that you approve of me running a campaign, and he ought to write about it.

The New York Times is known as America’s “newspaper of record.” And I figure my running for the Presidency to represent every one of you deserves being put on the record in all its ups and downs over the next two years.

I just think that someone among us – those of us who’re ordinary citizens not making multimillion dollars a year – deserve our own Presidential candidate. And since I’ve taken the brave step of assuming that burden for all of us, I figure you might be willing to help with your letter to Mr. Sulzberger.

My old classmate, Wayne Calhoun, offered me some money when I announced this candidacy. Unlike most politicians I haven’t yet accepted his offer. And I still don’t want any money from him or you. I just want you and him to send Sulzberger your letters.

I’ve patched in below a copy of the Premises of My Candidacy and my most recent letter to Mr. Sulzberger. That’ll give you his mailing address if you do get up the gumption to take on the Eastern Ivy League fellows.

Go tell Roger Hale, and Tom Moughon about our letter writing scheme; and Burr Silver, George Bullette, plus all our lady friends. Let’s make sure that Mr. Sulzberger knows we older folks are still on top of things.

When I win the Presidency, I’ll share all my salary with everyone who writes Sulzberger a letter. I won’t need the money; my Social Security and VA Pension are plenty enough for me.

Just like Will Rogers, our famous Oklahoma brother, you can count on me. Will wouldn’t do you wrong, and I guarantee you: Me Neither. Jump on the bandwagon early and get in on the money.  If we don’t win the election, I’ll share half the profits of the book with you.

It’s time we mature people demanded change. And if the Eastern people who think they’re in charge won’t give us their change, I’ll make sure they understand that as an alternative, we accept dollar bills too.

Until next time,

Your Candidate,



A corporation is not a real American person.

Americans derive their personhood from blood, their own legal immigration, or from immigrant ancestors.

A free press is not fake. It is the bedrock of democracy. It protects us from bottom up, not from top down.

Common Americans are ready for a president who has, by conscious design, never earned more than the average American income, currently $50,000.

As a U.S. Army Veteran with a small business history, living on a disability VA pension and Social Security, I am a credible person to be a candidate for the common men and women of the USA.

I have lived and experienced enough to see below the media surface of politics; and modern medicine keeps me mentally and physically capable for the job in question.

I am not against corporations; I am against profit being their sole motivation. Their behavior needs also to be life sustaining for all Americans.

Economically, I support entrepreneurial capitalism with a firmly established financial social support system akin to that of Western Europe.

Medicine, housing, and employment for every single citizen is fundamental to such capitalism – and to democracy and human decency.

The USA, with thousands homeless, including veterans, and millions without life-supporting income, is not a democracy; it is too commonly a predatory oligarchy that requires, in addition to incentives, rational regulation.

Climate change, along with nuclear disarmament, is potentially one of humanity’s most life threatening issues. It deserves a government that believes in science rather than conspiracies.



Mr. A.G. Sulzberger


The New York Times

620 Eighth Avenue

New York, NY 10018.

CC: Dean Baquet

Executive Editor

 December 19, 2019

Dear Messrs. Sulzberger & Baquet:

I quite thoroughly understand why you felt obliged to ignore my recent letter.

However, I am of the opinion you remain off the mark regarding what average Americans seek in the 2020 presidential election. I submit they look for someone not of money, from among themselves: one who will respect and support the average American citizen, our government, and our free press; one who will staunchly confront the man presently misleading all of them.

Previously, I proposed that you have one of your politically knowledgeable reporters read my Blog writings, and then interview me: that you have the reporter seriously investigate an average, un-wealthy American citizen as a viable candidate. Now, I propose you and Mr. Baquet do one personal thing:

Visit www.howellhurst.comand click on theBrief Introductory Videoicon. View the video commentaries presented.  Thereafter, decide if this one ordinary American citizen appears to be a voice other average Americans might seriously consider worthy of their consideration.



Howell Hurst

Publisher and Writer

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