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FROM MY CORNER: Wealth Required

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Trust me: without proof of wealth, an ordinary American cannot run for the Presidency. I’ve tested it scientifically. If you don’t believe me, try it yourself. Announce you are placing your hat in the ring.

TI guarantee you. If you send out press releases to all of the media, even the allegedly people’s alternative Internet news sites, you will receive absolutely no response. Take a look at all of the candidates lining up for the job.

You won’t find a single person anywhere near the average American income, which is $50,000. When you approach the media with the premises of your candidacy, the media promptly file them in the waste basket.

If you approach either the Republican or Democratic committees with the wish to enter the race, you will feel the cold wind on your face as they ignore your every contact attempt.

In addition to wealth, all of the already-elected running politicians, you remember, have lifetime full free medical coverage in addition to their salaries and their office and travel expenses. If you wish to express that in a campaign, you are disqualified.

An implicit rule apparently exists that none of us deserves to run for the highest office unless we have either earned a carload of money or been elected to some lower office with the good graces of either party.

How Bernie Sanders got in as an Independent, I’m not sure. I’ve sent emails to his office too. And also got no response. It is quite clearly an insider club we are dealing with in our political arena.

If you put forth the argument that you, as a long time citizen, are of legal age to run for the exalted post of President, it appears to trigger a deep constriction in the vocal chords of all who are already inside the game.

Again, I suggest, if you don’t like the way things run politically in America, just step forward and test the chilly waters yourself. To exist credibly in American politics big dollars must be at your disposal.

It is a cultural fact that we all accept this as the way things are. Despite our alleged responsibility as citizens to guide our country, we are largely irrelevant without a base of financial support tied into the established system.

Ideas, new concepts, criticism of the established status quo – none of these interest the people already firmly in the game. Indeed, you, if you run independently for the highest office as a protest candidate, will find your own personal ostracism.

You will be judged nuttier than the proverbial fruitcake. Particularly if you express ideas and feelings that match those of a large faction of your countrymen and women.

Years ago, I tested this on a lower level by actually running in a Democratic primary for congress. I gathered all the necessary signatures, and became an official candidate.

I went to the political gatherings and said my piece. When it came time for an interview by the local newspapers, they told me they thought me a bright fellow with good ideas. But, they could not and would not report about me in their pages. Plainly and simply because I did not have money.

Of course, I understood my alleged Presidential candidacy would reconfirm what I have just written. But, I wanted to reaffirm for myself that America has become an irrefutably concrete oligarchy.

Is this not why the new “socialistically tending” young candidates are attracting so many young votes for themselves? I do not agree with them that a state-owned economy is the solution to anything.

However, I fully understand their motivation. They are clear on the concept that the average American has little voice in things. Idealistically, they want to help change America. Don’t be surprised if their efforts are blocked for decades.

Big money controls the country. It is patently the tangible state of affairs. And it appears to be the continued future of the country. I wonder if all of us continue to sleep through the process, will they reinstate a Monarchy, like the United Kingdom.

It wouldn’t surprise me. Wonder who they’ll anoint as King?

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