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FROM MY CORNER™, American Terrorism

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Trump’s  restrictive measures against Muslims ignore the fact that “71% of extremist-related fatalities in the U.S. between 2008 and 2017 were committed by members of far right or white supremacist movements. Islamic extremists were responsible for just 26%.”

I quote that from the November 11thNew York Times Magazine article: “How Law Enforcement Failed to See the Threat of White Nationalism,” By Janet Reitman.

Although the FBI has 2,000 counter terrorism agents, only 350 target white supremacist organizations. These white supremacist movements have commonly praised Trump and his rhetoric. He himself has discussed domestic terrorists as having well-meaning members.

His administration has largely declined to consider white supremacists worth their time and effort. He contends he considers them a problem, according to Ms. Reitman’s reporting, but incorrectly insists Muslims are the main threat in the United States.

Terrorism internationally, largely of extremely radical Islamic convictions, is of course of major concern to us. However, our police forces have a record of standing by while white supremacists have conducted their violent business in our streets.

American Nazi’s have been defended by our freedom of speech laws. This we must question seriously The issue of Fascist Nazism was decided by us in World War II. Allowing American Nazis public speech freedom to violently proclaim their beliefs is totally illogical.

American White Supremacists advocate violence as a valid tool for social change toward White Nationalism. This is not mainstream American thought. Permitting that ideology to pretend to acceptability is indefensible.

It is tantamount to condoning violence as essentially acceptable for a racist return to something akin to original Nazi ideology. No amount of denial by Mr. Trump that he supports these people can combat the fact that his rhetoric contributes to these Domestic Terrorists’ confidence in their right to preach their violent ideology,

Nuance and subtlety have never been tools of Donald Trump. Rather, utterly distorted speech, disjointed rhetoric, unsubstantiated claims, and ambiguous rhetoric are tactics he thrives upon.

Language, words, meaningful speech – are the bedrock of a civilization. When dubious double and multi speak take over and become the political norm, a nation is threatened with intellectual deterioration. It happened to Nazi Germany; it can happen to us.

When we continue to permit a president to practice such tactics as a valid implement of governing, our entire democracy has stepped onto an untenably precarious piece of political territory.

We must extract ourselves from the mental confusion that appears to have fogged our common sense of reality. This is not a little thing we are confronting. It is not just some tiny bump in our history It is a vital turning point,

The issue is: what direction will we turn to? A mistaken step can produce serious consequences

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