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FROM MY CORNER: We must make this man go away in 2020

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During World War II, the entire British Army appeared lost to Germany at Dunkirk. Some British leaders proposed that England must accept Hitler’s eventual defeat of their island. Winston Churchill as Prime Minister held that only Hitler’s defeat was acceptable.

One third of Americans presently accept Donald Trump. Two-thirds of Americans according to polls oppose him and his policies. It is definitely not some preordained conclusion that he will win a second term.

It is our will against his that will bring to the 2020 election a new candidate with the intellectual stamina to stand up to him and return American to a position that fits within the minds of the two-third.

I do not hold an official position, as did Mr. Churchill. However, I do hold the position of U.S. citizen, which by law empowers me to say my piece and present it publicly to those who read my words.

We must consider from public evidence what Mr. Trump appears to stand for.  And not  holding his views, it becomes our duty to stand up against him in 2020, and vote him out.

We must not be paralyzed by his several outrageous comments and actions reported by the press. Rather, we must most seriously consider whether we believe Mr. Trump’s mind represents the mind of most Americans.

Many of our long held allies are dismayed by this man. Many authoritarian oriented leaders admire him. A responsibility rests on our shoulders to do our duty as citizens to reverse this.

The present situation with this executive is in many ways our Dunkirk. The British public took matters into their own hands and literally sailed a flotilla of personal private boats from Britain to Dunkirk, thereby saving most of their army.

Our votes are our personal sailboats. Our responsibility is to exercise our vote in 2020. Your vote is one. Mine is another. All of ours can return our presidential leadership to someone from among us possessing a rationally functioning mind.

Do not minimize the insecurity of our worldwide political situation. Too many of his critics have been vilified by this executive. Too many have been called disparaging names by him.

He has mobilized a U.S. Army force to our Mexican border to stop refugee “invaders.” He has called science “a hoax.” He has called most of our media “fake.” He has rejected the assessments of thousands of our Intelligence professionals.

He has decimated our diplomatic professionals. He has promoted billions of dollars on new atomic weapons, without even trying to persuade international governments to discuss a rational elimination of atomic forces.

Numerous senior members of this executive have been indicted and convicted of major financial corruption involving illegal money transactions with dubious governments. His finances still to a marked degree remain undisclosed.

Anyone not acknowledging such things having emerged from this executive is simply ignoring reality. This is not a time allowing any one of us to stand aside and ignore this present moment.

We each must become activists in our personal spheres of influence. We must each act our part. We each must contribute to our common good. We must each face up to a common reality and help us meet it head on.

Removing him from office is our responsibility.

We must not abdicate it.

Until next time,


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