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FROM MY CORNER, A Touch of Sanity?

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A Touch of Sanity?

Do I detect a moderate movement in the US Senate toward requiring our government finally again to function almost rationally?

This Supreme Court nomination battle appears to have brought many viewpoints down to an FBI limited investigation into the allegations by women against judge Kavanaugh, and the judge’s heated refutation of those allegations.

Republican Senator Flake’s temporary withdrawal of his vote for Kavanaugh, and his present negotiations with potential Republican allies to support an FBI involvement, is a step in the right direction.

Succinctly put: at stake in this scuffle is an issue larger than the placement of a new Supreme Court Justice. At stake is the reputation of the US Government before the world.

It is high time that Democrats and Republicans aborted their long-standing Hatfield and McCoy feud and began to act once again like adults. It is time that the far right of the Republican party be put on notice that there exists such a thing as a middle political ground that must thrive to serve the interests of the entire nation.

Let’s see now if Senator Flake and some of his Republican allies can actually join with the Democrats and authorize some time to pass during an FBI Investigation.

Whether Mr. Kavanaugh is thereby judged innocent, or if his accusers are judged correct, we will all be able to say our government allowed enough time for that decision to mean something.

Even Mr. Trump may now be forced by the Senate to acknowledge that a middle ground always exists, just waiting to be discovered and honored. Wouldn’t that be an accomplishment?

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